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1 click WP Update & auto full site backup…

using WP makes building sites so easy, especially with so many different themes and plugins to give so many extra, powerful features to any type of site.

The only problem is keeping your blog up to date, with the constant updates not just to WP itself, but also to all your plugins and themes…

Quicklink: ~> 1 Click Plugin

having a plugin that allows you to manage all your blogs from central location/controil panel would save a LOT of time keeping things updated!

that’s just one part of what this new plugin does: –

~ 1 click upgrading of WP on any or all of your blogs

~ 1 click installation and upgrading of themes & plugins on any or all of your blogs

~ full site back ups (not just the database) to multiple locations

~ Plugin & theme libraries for fast deployment of new plugins & themes

~ Site cloning & templates for super fast blog installation

~ 24/7 monitoring of WP installations to see when any changes result in unforseen problems

That’s the power of this plugin, or rather that’s just a part of what it does, it’s pretty amazing just how much this plugin does…

It’s bee in development for over 9 months in order to make sure it does everything that you would want in order to control your WordPress sites, and more!

Go to the link below to get a steep discount on the Professional Level of this software.

The discount is only going to be available for the next 7 days…

here’s the link to use: ~> 1 Click Plugin

NOTE: There is a demo video about halfway down the page if you want to see exactly how it works.

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