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Archive for February, 2007

Talk about going Niche, I think with this one I went a little too “Niche”..

As I’ve no had time to find another “product” for another test using Amazon as an affiliate (see PLR Product test Post) I deciced to re-visit the “Niche” I’d chosen and see if I could give it a breath of life.

Having taken another look (paying attention this time) at the sets of keywords I chose for the 5 adgroups it looks like the main problem is using the particular “Brand Name” I chose, which ws based on the product, so I’ve now added the “market” keywords without the brand name to the individual adgroups to see if this makes a difference..

I’ll post again when I know whether this will make the difference or whether I need to drop the market altogether.

I did however set up a couple more different test groups.

I’m not promising I’m never going to do this, but you may have noticed that I’m not putting affiliate links in most of the posts to the products I’m testing.

There’s two reasons for this, first of all in my mind it seems wrong to post an affiliate link to a product that I’m testing, at least until there are some fairly substantial test results, as the product may turn out to be crap..

and second it’s not really what this blog’s for.

I’m not promoting this blog anywhere, in fact I’ve not even gone through my normal link building process for a new site, so if you’ve found this blog at the moment I’m not even sure how you’ve done so.. 🙂

I am using the built in Ping feature, but only to Pingomtaic, not a long list.

Back in December I spent $97 on the resale rights for a nice little piece of software that I wanted to get a site up for. I’ve finally got it up this week.

Why the delay?
Well I had some problems with the licencing/registration script for the product and could not get hold of the vendor for a LONG while..

If you buy PLR rights make sure the vendor is responsive in case you do have problems, it’s not such a big problem with info products, providing you have the source files (i.e. Word Doc instead of just PDF), but you should have those anyway as you should always make changes to the product before you resell it to put your own “stamp” on it.

With software it’s more important to have support, even if you have the source code files, because if there are problems you may well need to get re-coding done.

I picked up the Niche Marketing On Crack info report as it sounded like something I’ve already done and reading it confirmed my suspicion, although there is some new stuff for me in there about promoting the sites that I want to test out.

I have a handful of mini sites promoting affiliate programs using the basic premis that Andrew covers in NMOC that are still earning me a couple of thousand dollars each month just from organic search results and I haven’t touched them in well over 18 months, probably longer.

I admit they used to do even better, at one point one alone was bringing in over $3,000 a month, so I know this technique works and NMOC has spurred me to revisit it and try out Andrews ideas for getting traffic to the sites to see what happens.

Well it’s been well over 24 hours since the campaign went live and it appears I’ve picked a market that is a little too “focused” as the campaign’s had bugger all impressions and a big fat zero clicks!

Bit of a school boy error really, I only briefly looked at the traffic figures when I did the keyword research and it didn’t occur to me that they were a bit to low, as I wanted to err on the side of caution for my first test, but let it be a lesson, a campaign will not be profitbale if it gets no clicks at all.

So tomorrow I’ll spend a little time digging out another product group to test and setup a new campaign..


This is a spare time project so I’m not going to be getting through shed loads of tests in a hurry, but partly as food for thought/discussion and mostly as reminder to myself, here’s some ideas for other products/methods that I’m considering running tests for: –

Bum Marketing

Piggy Back Traffic

Comparison of backlink strategies

$7 Secrets

PLR Products

Warriors “WSO”

Dominating Clickbank

Niche Domination

Automated WordPress Bloging

Using Video for SEO Marketing and traffic generation (e.g. Traffic Geyser)

Feel free to post any thoughts/suggestions/comments..

Day Job Killer is a new IM/Affiliate Marketing info Product launched just a couple of weeks ago and it seems like a good place to start my new IM Testing Blog as it focuses on affiliate marketing largely using Google AdWords, which is something I have some experience with, but haven’t used much in a couple of years.

I do have two longstanding AdWords Campaigns for two of my own “product” sites that are profitable, but then it’s a lot easier to be profitable with AdWords if you’re promting your own product as you have a higher profit margin, although that is no guarantee.

I have run a few successful AdWords campaigns for affiliate programs before, but now for a couple of years, so reading the ideas and techniques outlined in Day Job Killer (DJK) got me interested in revisiting it as a traffic generation system fr affiliate programs.

As I’m always spending so much time testing out new Internet Marketing products, ideas and theories, I thought I might as well set up a blog to share some of the results..

Don’t expect vast volumes of in depth instructions or test data and results, that’s not the purpose of this blog.

The main purpose is simply to remind me to keep a track/record of what I’m testing and how it goes, to help me concentrate my buisness on the most profitable techniques.

Who am I?

Well, that shouldn’t really matter should it, so I’ll just say I earn a living from “internet marketing” and have done for a little while now.

nuff said..