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Archive for June, 2007

Well my PLR software site is now in profit.

It made almost $90 profit in May and has made $105 so far in June, putting it roughly $57 in profit after 4 months.

Not that impresive, but I haven’t actually done anything with the site since April, and it should continue making $100+ a month at least from here on in, which will all be pure profit, so I’ll schedule some SEO link building for it next month to see if I can improve that figure with a little effort.

I’ve also just started a new PLR project, a parenting ebook.

Well I’m glad I only put these on a few sites, as it’s now been a month and even though the ads showing are highly targetted to the sites and pages they’re on, the results are not impressive.

Results in 1st month:

Impressions: 802

Clicks: 20

Referrals: 1

Earnings: $0.00

summary: not impressed.

It could be the markets, although rugs/carpets, household/bathroom and Films/movies are all markets that have done well for me with AdSense, and I’ll probaby be going back to AdSense for these sites.

it seems that both the the timing and content of my latest update to my DJK PPC testing is ironic, considering the product being released tomorrow…

Project Black Mask is Chris (Affiliate Project X & Day Job Killer) McNeeney’s latest product and concentrates on Black Hat AdSense Techniques, and it’s being released tomorrow (Tuesday 19th June).

It could well be good, but I’m not going to rush in to buying it myself, partly as I’ve been somewhat dissapointed with the results of my DJK testing and partly because I have quite a lot of Black Hat AdSense experience myself, having been involved in the creation of tens of thousands of “Cloaked” MFA’s (Made for AdSense Sites).

I know that black hat adsense stuff can work, but I also know from experience how difficult it can be to keep ahead of the learning curve needed to stay ahead of Google, and I also know first hand how painfully expensive it can be if you get it wrong.

With that said, what are the latest results from my DJK testing?