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Archive for August, 2007

I’ve just finished updating my PPC campaign figures for July and, whilst I realise July is one of the quietest months of the year, the results have been even worse than I expected.

amazonhunter campaigns = zero sales/commissions for July : result -  all switched off

software affiliate DJK campaigns = zero sales/commissions for July : result -  all switched off

basically I won’t be putting and more time, money or effort in to the Day Job Killer methodology as I’ve simply not managed to make it work for me…

my ppc campaigns from here on in will concentrate wholly on lead generation for products (inc. plr) of my own.

for me, DJK has not really proved to be a good way to make money, I have made some profit, but for the amount of time and effort it was hardly worth it, and it appears that you have to be constantly looking for fresh new campaigns.

My main online business is becoming more focused on having my own info products, using these to build subscriber lists and email marketing.

Yesterday I spent some time looking at the analysis figures available in the autoresponder system I use – AWeber

I use AWeber for two reasons, first, and most importantly, it has the best delivery rate in the market, and secondly it’s a breeze to use and set up stuff like scheduled broadcasts, pre-set email sequences, etc.

What is the “Delivery Rate” – That’s the number/percentage of the emails sent that actually get past the ISP’s and users spam filters so people can actually read them. If most of the emails you send out are getting blocked by the ISP’s then you’re seriously limiting how much money you will make, so using a service with the highest delivery rate possible, like AWeber, is VERY important…

so what did my time spent digging in to the data reveal?

My PLR software product has made some more sales this month and is well and truly in profit, although I’ve still done no extra work to promote it since the submissions I did to start off with.

I am considering doing some SEO links work for it soon, but for this month I have simply added an upsell for a related info product that I have Private Label Rights for, which has added 27% to the profits for the month and only took about an hour to set up.

I’m still leaving money on the table at the moment though as I haven’t set up an autoresponder list for either the prospects or the buyers, which would help to increase profits.

My Parenting PLR ebook has yet to make any sales, which is a little dissapointing, as it is getting traffic from the articles I’ve submitted for it.

I’ve been making a small but steady income for the last 4 years from a couple of dating websites.

I set them up and spent a few hours doing some initial link exchanges and then promptly moved on to other things and forgot about them.

I still get a check every month and I’ve just discovered I’ve been leaving money on the table, which I’ll come back to in a moment.

Setting up your own dating site is a big job, as a brand new site with no existing members, is pretty un-appealing to visitors, after all, who wants to join a dating site that doesn’t have enough members to find someone locally…

I came across a company called DIY Dating who you can sign up with to get a “white label” site.