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Archive for September, 2007

A smart internet marketer has come up with a neat way of taking advantage of three way linking that seems to work like a treat.

He’s designed a system that will automatically set up three way links between a network of 250 sites and make sure that all the sites are on different IP’s to get the most benefit from the links.

I’ve only just started using it, so I don’t have definite results to go on yet, but from the testimonials on the sales page (there are a LOT) I’m looking forward to seeing how well it works.

You can even add up to 20 sites in to the system and use up to three different keyword phrases for the linking text, which is real useful, and important to make sure you don’t end up with too many links using the same link anchor text.

Check it out here:

As a follow up to my last “getting links” post I thought I’d tell you about another service that has been helping me get my sites lots of new links and better SERP’s (search engine results page) positions/results.

It’s called Backlink Solution and it’s basically a large network of blogs with good pagerank.

You get access to the network of blogs and can post to them including a link to your own sites. You can choose where you link to, so you can deep link to internal pages on your sites, and you also get to use your own content, so you can make sure it’s relevant to the site you’re linking to.

They have blogs in all sort of different categories so there will be a lot of blogs that are directly relevant to your sites, although you can still post on the general ones as well for the extra links.

The site I set up last week using this new automated article site script now has 8 pages indexed in google and has started earning money from AdSense, not a huge amount, but going on the results so far I would expect it to earn at least $6-10 next month, possibly more as more new pages get picked up.

Part of the beauty of this script is that you can feed it any number of PLR articles in one go and just let it get on with adding them automatically on the time scale you’ve chosen, every hour in my case.

I happen to have enough PLR articles sat on my hard disk gathering dust that I could put a lot in straight away to keep it going at an article every hour for the next few weeks. Once it gets up to 300+ articles I may well pull the posting back down a notch.

Earlier this week I managed to get my hands on a new White Hat AdSense site building tool which has not been released yet.

Yesterday I spent a hour or so setting up a couple of sites and it was so easy I’ve got another half dozen planned over the next couple of days…

This script is from a well known long standing (he started making money online back in 1998) internet marketer who knows his stuff and is totally “White Hat”, so these sites will not get your adsense account banned (imho, and his).

I’ve not done an update on my adsense site building for a while, as I had a little “hiccup”.

Ok, maybe it was a major spanner in the works, Google closed down my AdSense accounts.

The main one was closed down for fair reason, I still had some old scraped content sites on the account and they found them, they’ve been having a clamp down on this kind of crappy auto generated site recently and I hadn’t been quick enough to remove all the old sites I built a couple of years ago.

The problem was that they also closed down the account for another seperate Limited company of mine that only had white hat sites on it simply becauseI was the contact person for both, and Google being “all powerful”, won’t enter in to any discussion on the matter.

As I’m spending more time building “real” html sites again, I’ve had to revisit my SEO (search engine optimization) roots and look at the whole linking process.

It used to be good enough to just link between a few of your own sites on different servers to get some reasonable SEO results, but not any more. Now you need to have a long term startegy for building solid One Way Backlinks to your sites, especially as Google have “downgraded” the linking “power” of reciprocal links.

I’ve not actually traded reciprocal links for any of my sites in over two years, as it simpy takes to long to check that the site you’re swapping links with is any good and that they keep the link on the page, and that they don’t use the “nofollow” tag.

So I now concentrate on ways of getting one way links, i.e. where other sites link to mine without me having to link back.

I’ve found a bunch of services that offer this kind of linking over the last couple of months and have narrowed it down to three that I’ve been testing.

I’ve decided it’s high time for me to do some testing on some of these “new fangled” web 2.0 tactics for getting traffic.

As I’ve been doing videos for some time now to help show people how to do simple web stuff (check out I thought I might as well make use of them.

Note: I’ve also made use of some of the video to make a “Brandable” blog setup guide to test out “Viral Marketing”, see

So I started submitting some of the videos to youtube and google video.

I got some visits and some hits through to my site, although not many, probably because my videos are on “boring”, practical stuff like how to add an email account in cpanel and update nameservers, rather than police car chases, collapsing buildings and ladies with unfeasably large chests…


I also discovered that it can suck up quite a lot of time just doing the submissions, which was putting me off submitting to other video sites where my videos might be more “popular”.

So I decided to invest in a Video Submission tool to upload the videos automatically to a whole bunch of sites.

yeah, I know, sounds like trying to make money by giving someone the Flu right…

Well, apparently it’s very effective, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I’ve taken a bunch of my videos (see and linked to them in a ebook on how to set up a blog. I then added in a few affiliate links for recommended resources for things like hosting, an autoresponder and a good blog web 2.0 ebook.

Then I got a copy of a pdf brander tool and made the affiliate links brandable.