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Archive for November, 2007

Having built automated content scraping MFA’s (Made for Adsense sites) myself in the past, I know just how easy it can be to rip off someone elses valuable website content to use for your own sites.

I no longer use such tools and have no intention of going back to “the dark side” (Black Hat SEO) and I now find “the shoe on the other foot” as it were, as I’m interested in finding ways of protecting my own sites and valuable web copy from the black hat scraper systems out there.

I did some searching on the net for a suitable tool, but it seems the best option available is stuff like CopyScape, which simply lets you know once it has happened. There don’t seem to be any viable options for actively protecting your sites, so…

I picked up a copy of Ben Shaffer’s AdSense Alternatives last week and after reading it I realised that I really should be testing out some alternative ad income sources on my sites and especially my blogs, so I’mgoing to start testing out a few different CPM, CPC, and CPA ad systems on a few of my sites, mostly my blogs, to see how they perform and which do the best, in toher words, which earn me the most money…

the first two that I’m settig up tests for are NeverBlueAds and ModernClick.

I’ve used ModernClick before, it’s a CPA network run by Keith Baxter and it’s a lot easier to get in to than Azoogle, who are probably the biggest CPA.

I’ve not used NeverBlueAds before, but the application was easy and the interface is pretty simple to use, altough there are quite a few creatives I found that didn’t provide a suitable size banner ad block to use on my blogs.

I know I haven’t posted anything on here in ages, but I’ve got a whole bunch of cool new toys that I’m testing out and as soon as I’ve got some solid results I’ll do some posts.

I’m testing some traffic sharing plugins for blogs, mainly because I’ve been pretty unimpressed with the results from BlogRush

I’ve also just set up a shout box on to see how it goes and I’m testing out a bunch of new blog plugins and themes.