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Archive for December, 2007

It seems there’s a new player on the block that might be a very effective alternative to AdSense.

It’s called PayPerPlay Ads ( and they’re already picking up some very big name advertisers like HBO, Taco Bell, and Harley Davidson.

To be fair, it’s not a new system, I did a bit of digging and it’s actually been around for over two years, it’s just getting a lot of news now as it’s being backed by a big search engine partner.

the basic idea is you add a bit of code to your site and when a new visitor lands on any page with that code they get played a 5 second audio advert.

the important bit is that you get paid for every visiter to your site.

Back on the 26th September I wrote about setting up some sites using a new script from Neil Shearing, it’s the “one time offer” for his Passive Cashflow Systems product (you can read the earlier article here – Smart Auto Site Builder).

As it’s been a month or so I thought I better go and check it out and see how well it’s done for me.

I’m happy to say it’s doing pretty darned fine!

The total AdSense earnings from the sites I set up with this tool for October were just over $30 and over $90 for november, which is pretty respectable considering the sites have only been running for 2 months and should still do better in the coming months.

I haven’t done any promotion for these sites, no backlinks or anything, although they were already indexed by google when I set them up.