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Archive for January, 2008

I haven’t done an update on Neil Shearings Auto Smart Script Sites since Nov 30th last year, so I thought it’s probably time to check how they’re doing and post an update, so here it is…

As a quick reminder, the Auto Smart Sites script is only available as a “One Time Offer” when you buy Neil’s Passive Cashflow Secrets videos, which is an excellent product in itself, I use many of the techniques shown in the videos to make a good passive cashflow in my own business.

Now I happen to know that Neil is developing a new updated version of the smart site script, which I believe he will be selling on it’s own, but probably at a higher price, so I’d highly recommend you grab the original “OTO” and make sure you get the upgrade for free as soon as it’s available…

Back at the end of November last year I posted an article about protecting your webcopy from black hat sites scrapers.

I’ve now been testing this system for over 6 weeks on numerous sites and blogs of my own with great success, and we now have some other large site owners beta testing for us and it’s all looking very good.

In fact I was surprised by just how many attempts to scrape some of my sites there have been!

This tool also has the added advantage of being able to block unwanted spiders and bots (like the huge Chinese SE Baiduspider) from sucking your sites bandwidth…

CopyDefender is in the final stages of testing and we’re planning on launching the system publicly in March. There will be a fully functional free version, with a paid premium version for extra features, so if you want to get on the priority launch notice list simply visit CopyDefender and sign up there.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’ve taken the shoutbox off as it doesn’t seem to be catching anyone’s attention, and I’ve found something new to put in it’s place and test out – WidgetBucks.

although the ad I’ve placed on is just for the WidgetBucks program itself, as the “widget ads” aren’t so well suited for the internet marketing “niche”, they do have some pretty good options available for other markets though, especially techie stuff like TV’s, Home Theatre, Computers, Laptops, Cameras etc.

I’ve added the targeted ads to a couple of my blogs in suitable niches to see how well they perform compared to the ads I’m running tests on for the NeverBlueAds network. I’ll report back as soon as I’ve got any significant results.

For the moment I would recommend getting in on WidgetBucks, as at the moment they’re offering a $25 bonus ofr signing up.

The Alexa rank of my sites and blogs doesn’t worry me too much, as I know from my traffic stats that what the Alexa rank does each update can be totally unrelated to what the traffic is doing, I’ve had sites increase in real traffic and have the Alexa score get worse, and vice versa.

Having said that, it can be seen as a form of “social proof” for you site or blog, giving visitors an idea of how popular your site is, inacurate or not.

It can also help if you monetize your blog or site through certain forms of advertising, such as PayPerPost or selling text links.

So increasing your alexa rank could potentially have a positive effect on the value of your site for both your visitors and advertisers.

With this in mind I thought I’d run a test on a WordPress plugin that is supposed to help increase your sites Alexa rank.

blog shoutboxI installed a shoutbox on one of my more popular blogs a couple of months ago to try it out and see what reaction it received and so far there has only been one comment made…

and the comment that was made is “I make webmasters money…”, which I assume is someone’s attempt at “Shoutbox” spam, although I’m not sure why someone would bother as there’s no link back to a site, only to an email address.

So I’ve gotta conclude that a shoutbox isn’t worth the space it takes up in my sidebar and I can replace it with something else.

I’ll be taking the shoutbox off the site shortly, but I’ll leave it up for a few days just in case this post generates any interest and you want to check out what it looks like, tyou can have a play with it here:

BlogRush v RealTrafficExchange v Link2Blogs Traffic Widget Test

I’ve had BlogRush (from John Reese), RealTrafficExchange (from Jon Leger) and Link2Blogs (from Cody Moya) each installed on three separate blogs for the last couple of months to try and work out which is best for bringing in some new traffic to my blogs.

I installed each widget on three separate blogs with similar levels of traffic, in different markets to try and make sure the test was a reasonable comparison.

It’s not easy to compare the results as each system presents the “Stats” in a different way, with Link2Blogs being by far the worst for stats as there is no indication of the number of impressions your “ads” have had..

BlogRush is probably the best known of the three and the reporting is quite clear.

The average CTR (Click Through Rate) across all three blogs on BlogRush was a pretty measly 0.04%, and the highest achieved on any individual post was only 0.2%