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Archive for March, 2008

I added Peelaway Ads to quite a few of my blogs a couple of months ago to test them out and see how well the perform.

Today I’ve started removing them from all my blogs…

Over the test period of 2+ months the ads have resulted in exactly 2 sales, which is pretty poor considering the amount of traffic that the blogs they were on get in total, but that’s not actually the main reason for removing them.

I’ve had several emails that the peelaway would get “stuck” and not peel back, and it seems there’s also some incompatibility issues with the FireFox browser where the peel away ad can stop the “Recent Posts” and other links from working.

Not making many sales is something that I could potentially address with different product offers and new graphics to “catch the eye” of visitors, but causing problem for visitors to my blogs, resulting in them leaving the blog, is simply unacceptable, so I’m dumping them.

As I’ve just done a video to show how to add the RealTraffic exchange ads to your blog for my readers, I also had the chance to check my stats for RealTraffic Exchange and I’m very pleased with the results..

On most of my blogs I’m getting a CTR of over 1%, showing that the ads are relevant.

Now you may be thinking that this is not good, as it means people are clicking on those adverts and leaving my blog, well that’s true, but I look at it on the basis that those people would probably have left my blog anyway, so if I can provide them with something useful to go look at, then I’m helping them out and creating “good will”.

so “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me)?

I’ve been running another test for StumbleUpon Ads to try and work out the value of the visitors it brings in.

For this test I was simply interested in seing how long each visitor spent on the blog to try and judge the “visitor value”, again I was sending the visitors to my “internet marketing” and “Blogging” related blogs.

The sample was over 2,000 visitors and on average each visitor only spent 29.4 seconds on the site before leaving, and less than on in each 10 visitors would leave the site via an “affiliate link” of some sort.

Compare this with recent visitors I’ve been getting from two other Web 2 social bookmarking sites and you can see there’s quite a difference:

Sphinn – each visitor spends on average 1 min and 36 seconds on the site and almost 6% click on a “montezied” link to leave.

If you’ve visited before you’ll probably have noticed I’ve got a new theme installed.

Now as this is my “testing things” blog it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to find out that it’s my own new theme that I’m testing out…

When I say “my own”, I’m not going to claim to have coded it myself, I’ve got a RaC coder called Andre to thank for it (as wel as pay), and I’m pretty pleased with the results, we’re just trying to iron out the few last wrinkles, which always seems to take the longest..

When it is finished it will be available as a free download from my blog, which hopefully will be within the next few days, although it may take me a bit longer to get al the tutorial videos for it done and uploaded.

I’ve only just got my hands on this sweet new tool from Neil Shearing, so I’ve got no results to post yet, but I wanted to make a post about it as it goes on sale tomorrow and there’s a 50% discount for the first 278 buyers..

that may seem like a lot of people, but I’ve spoken to Neil andI know that there are over 432 people already signed up for the “early bird” notification list to get in an hour early, so those 278 discounts will go VERY quickly!

So what does the tool do?

It’s a wordpress datafeed plugin.

If you don’t know what a datafeed is it’s basically free content provided by big suppliers through some affiliate programs (like link share and CJ). The content is lots of info about their full line of products and can have your affiliate code embedded.