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Archive for April, 2011

Auto Create Social Profiles

I love free (targeted) traffic and automation, so a tool that automates pretty much every possible way of getting backlinks for free traffic is something that REALLY grabs my attention.

I’ve just got hold of a tool [SENukeX] automates the creation of over 236 profiles across a bunch of sites that can bring in great backlinks and traffic to any site.

Note: you can see the list of types of sites below the video.

Here’s the video showing a bit about how the system works, it’s only 5 mins 34 secs long:

I will point out that this isn’t a brand new tool, it’s actually just a major upgrade to a tool that has been around (anbd working well) for a couple of years, so it has a proven track record not only of doing what it says, but getting great results!