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Archive for October, 2011

SENuke X Video Tutorial

I did a couple of quick video on using SENukeX a while back, this one gives a complete run through of the software from start to finish, so you can see just how much of your web traffic generation and SEO it allows you to put on auto pilot…

There is a specific reason I’m posting this video right now, if you’ve watched it you will have noticed that using it with TheBestSpinner makes things even quicker and easier…

AND the latest version of TheBestSpinner has just been released and is 45% off for the next few days, so go grab your copy right now: – TheBestSpinner

and here’s a quick reminder of what SENukeX can automate for you: –

~ Social Network Profile backlinks

~ Social Bookmark Site Backlinks

~ Article Submissions

~ Press Release Submissions