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Archive for April, 2013

530 Login authentication failed error FileZilla

just a “heads up” in case you ever experience the same problem…

yesterday, me and my techie partner were working on a couple of new sites and  when he started to try uploading files to the new sites using FileZilla he got locked out of ftp with a “Response: 530 Login authentication failed” error.
The problem doesn’t happen when you initially log in with FileZilla, only when you try to upload a file.

We couldn’t replicate the error on my (older, pre v3) version of Filezilla and it literally took us several hours to nail down what was causing the problem.
We finally worked out it was the new cpanel/ftp password I’d set up for these new sites, one of the “special” characters in the password was causing the problem , we assume because Filezilla v3+ doesn’t encrypt/un-encrypt the character correctly when it sends it to the server.