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Archive for May, 2013

Setting up Membership sites with WP

extrememebershipOne of the most powerful methods for building a succesful (and profitable) business online is to use membership sites that produce recurring commissions.

Building on your monthly income then becomes a simple matter of pushing new members in through the front doors and your income will go up and up, month after month.

Here’s three examples of how your income can stack up rather quickly when you’re building a recurring monthly membership income.

All three are based on just selling 1 new membership each day, avergaed at 30 per month.

The first is based on a recurring membership fee of $7 per month, the 2nd is $27 per month, and the 3rd is $47 per month.

I’ve personally launched membership sites at $67 per month and higher, so I know that this is entirely possible…

Example #1: $7 per month.