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I’ve not done an update on my adsense site building for a while, as I had a little “hiccup”.

Ok, maybe it was a major spanner in the works, Google closed down my AdSense accounts.

The main one was closed down for fair reason, I still had some old scraped content sites on the account and they found them, they’ve been having a clamp down on this kind of crappy auto generated site recently and I hadn’t been quick enough to remove all the old sites I built a couple of years ago.

The problem was that they also closed down the account for another seperate Limited company of mine that only had white hat sites on it simply becauseI was the contact person for both, and Google being “all powerful”, won’t enter in to any discussion on the matter.

Now I have managed to do something about it, I know someone else who has a “spare” adsense account that they weren’t using, as they don’t “do” AdSense, so I’ve been slowly adding AdSense back on to just the best white hat (Super Affiliate) adsense sites, but I’m doing it slowly to make sure I don’t raise any red flags.

The account is back up to $15+ per day with just three sites on it, so I’ll post an update once I’ve got things back up to speed, although it may take a while, as my business is now primarily focused on internet, affiliate and email marketing, for the simple reason that I don’t want to rely on much income from a source that can be closed down so easily without any recourse…

Moral of the story: if you want to make moeny with AdSense, stick with White hat sites, don’t scrap content under any circumstance!

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Comment by Jon
2008-01-30 06:50:21


You are right it is truth :AdSense is a Dangerous business model
but when you crack the code you can make a lot of money.
For example I make last month only with adsense 1,346£ .

But is take me Four years to reach that level .


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