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With my house move and divorce finally out of the way, I can get back to doing some product tests again, the only problem now is I’ve got a pretty big backlog of stuff to test out, so I thought I’d start with an RSS submission tool that will submit your rss feed to 20 of the best rss sites to get more backlinks and visitors.

You can check out the tool itself here:


It’s from a guy called Peter Drew who has an excellent reputation for providing top notch tools that do some pretty cool stuff.

It’s also a real easy tool to use, although it does take a few minutes to get the accounts you need set up, but then it’s just a case of popping in your rss feed url and a “keyword/phrase” and hitting go.

The tool can take anywhere from 4-5 mins up to 15-20 mins to run through all the submissions, but you can run moe than one “instance” of the application at a time, so if you’ve got more than one feed to submit with different keywords then it’snot aproblem.

I’ve just run it today for a dozen or so blogs, so I’ll keep an eye on the results and report back soon.

Oh, and Pete also gave a real cool tip for a different way of using it, you can grab your own twitter account ( and submit that, to get your twitters indexed in google and get a bunch more backlinks and traffic, neat idea, thanks Pete!


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