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My main online business is becoming more focused on having my own info products, using these to build subscriber lists and email marketing.

Yesterday I spent some time looking at the analysis figures available in the autoresponder system I use – AWeber

I use AWeber for two reasons, first, and most importantly, it has the best delivery rate in the market, and secondly it’s a breeze to use and set up stuff like scheduled broadcasts, pre-set email sequences, etc.

What is the “Delivery Rate” – That’s the number/percentage of the emails sent that actually get past the ISP’s and users spam filters so people can actually read them. If most of the emails you send out are getting blocked by the ISP’s then you’re seriously limiting how much money you will make, so using a service with the highest delivery rate possible, like AWeber, is VERY important…

so what did my time spent digging in to the data reveal?

I was specifically looking for which days are best to send out emails, as the open/clickthrough rate is supposed to vary by day of the week, with Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday allegedly being the best days.

My figures are based on the click through rate, i.e. how many people actually click on a link in the email, as opposed to how many people actually open and read the email.


simple, because that’s the data I’ve got.

I have data based on 60 emails, across 8 seperate lists, of over 3k subscribers in total, so it’s a reasonable number to base some simpe analysis on.

I should probably also mention that my lists tend to have a fairly high drop out rate as I tend to send out 3-4 emails each week, which many people feel is to high.

It is so high simply because I buy, read and test a LOT of stuff, you can get a taste of just how much here: –

What is affiliate marketing?

Becuase of the high volume of emails I send, I put a summary at the top to say what the emails about and who it’s likely to be of interest to.

I figure that it’s a common courtesy to my subscribers to save them time if it’s obviously not relevant to them, it can also serve as both a negative qualifier and a positive qualifier.

So what did I find?

Here’s the click thorugh rates I have managed averaged by day of the week:

Sun = 19%
Thurs = 17%
Tues = 17%
Mon = 14%
Wed = 13%
Fri = 8%

Sat = 28% but I can’t count this as it’s from just one email, as I’ve only ever sent out to my list once on a Saturday.

What about time of the day sent?

I’ve only recently started playing around with, and keeping track of, results based on the time of the day the emails are sent.

So far it appears that the earlier the better.

I try and que the emails up the day before at least, so that they can be “scheduled” and be sent out at around 7:30am, makeing sure it’s one of the first that the subscriber sees for the day.

I’ve had clickthrough rates ranging from less than 1% to over 68%, but the average overall is 16%, which is OK.

I’m now spending a bit more time writing my emails to put a bit more “me” (in other words mentioning some of the “normal” stuff that goes on in my day to day life) in to them and see if I can increase the rate over time.

I’ll post an update if I see any appreciable results over the next few weeks from following this new (for me) approach.

I know several email marketers, like Keith Wellman and Gary Ambrose, swear by this tactic, as they have seen much higher click through rates from doing this themselves.

If you need to get an autoresponder I highly recommned checking out AWeber

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