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As a follow up to my last “getting links” post I thought I’d tell you about another service that has been helping me get my sites lots of new links and better SERP’s (search engine results page) positions/results.

It’s called Backlink Solution and it’s basically a large network of blogs with good pagerank.

You get access to the network of blogs and can post to them including a link to your own sites. You can choose where you link to, so you can deep link to internal pages on your sites, and you also get to use your own content, so you can make sure it’s relevant to the site you’re linking to.

They have blogs in all sort of different categories so there will be a lot of blogs that are directly relevant to your sites, although you can still post on the general ones as well for the extra links.

It’s a real simple, but very effective way of building some serious linking juice for your sites.

The guys behind it originally set it up as a private network for their own use, but decided to open it up to other serious internet marketers as it was so effective and they had more capacity than they needed.

Check it out here:

Backlink Solution

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Comment by sohbet
2008-05-20 19:59:55

this is really good topic what we need in the net to do our best for our web sites. thanks for good work.


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