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BlogRush v RealTrafficExchange v Link2Blogs Traffic Widget Test

I’ve had BlogRush (from John Reese), RealTrafficExchange (from Jon Leger) and Link2Blogs (from Cody Moya) each installed on three separate blogs for the last couple of months to try and work out which is best for bringing in some new traffic to my blogs.

I installed each widget on three separate blogs with similar levels of traffic, in different markets to try and make sure the test was a reasonable comparison.

It’s not easy to compare the results as each system presents the “Stats” in a different way, with Link2Blogs being by far the worst for stats as there is no indication of the number of impressions your “ads” have had..

BlogRush is probably the best known of the three and the reporting is quite clear.

The average CTR (Click Through Rate) across all three blogs on BlogRush was a pretty measly 0.04%, and the highest achieved on any individual post was only 0.2%

Out of the three test blogs, one (this site in fact) did significantly better than the other two, which were in non “internet marketing” niches.

As I’ve built up a pretty big “Credit Balance” I’m going to keep the widget on this one blog and remove it from the other two that aren’t performing well.

My advice for using BlogRush would be:

1. test it out with a few different blogs in different markets to se which gets the best CTR,  then remove those that don’t perform well.

2. Make sure the titles of your posts are attention grabbing and topical to the “niche” it’s in to make sure that your link grabs peoples attention in the widget on other peoples sites

3. Keep your post titles fairly short to make sure they fit in the widget…


the problem with link2blogs is actually being able to judge how successful the system is from the limited stats available, and I find myself wondering whether that’s deliberate.

There just seems no way of knowing for sure how well it’s performing and therefore what value it has.

There are three different “levels” that you can choose from which effect whether ads are shown in the widget, whether there are pop unders and how often, and how many “credits” you get for each click on a link in the widget on your site.

One of the things that makes Link2Blogs different is that you can actually pay for credits, so if you do find it’s working well for you, then you can buy extras…

but that brings us back to the problem of knowing whether it’s actually been useful for your site, without looking at your own web stats I don’t think you can make an accurate assessment.

The stats that I do have show that I’ve had 219 clicks in total on the links in the widget on my 3 sites and in return I’ve received 43 clicks on links to my sites, which is more than I’ve received from BlogRush.

For the moment I’m going to keep the link2blogs widget running, but I’m still frustrated that I don’t have any idea how many impressions there were to generate those clicks.

RealTrafficExchange (RTE)

The stats for RTE are pretty clear and overall I’m getting a higher CTR than with BlogRush, 0.12% on average and as high as 0.3% average for one of the sites.

I’m a bit light on the results for RTE as the main blog I installed them on wasn’t actually displaying them and I hadn’t realised until I came to check the stats this week, so I’ve now got that fixed and will post some more results from RTE in another month once I’ve got some more data to work with.

out of the three I like the style and format of the RTE ads the best as they’re AdSense style text ads and they have a neat little “wobble” effect now and then which really catches attention.

although the exit popup option can be triggered by peel away ads, so be careful with that…

On the whole I’ve not been very impressed with the amount of traffic that these widgets bring, but they are bringing in some new traffic, which is both free and targeted, so I’m going to persevere with them and see whether I see any improvements.

My Preference so far:

1st = RealTrafficExchange
2nd = BlogRush
3rd = Link2Blogs

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Comment by Lyn
2008-01-26 05:13:27

What’s your opinion of WidgetBucks? I like the custom widget facility very much, sensible products listed and you can make it match your site. BUT if visitors are not in the States they see just a garish banner which takes you to sites selling ringtones etc. Not so good.

Comment by Lazygit
2008-01-26 15:05:25

Hi Lyn,

I’m currently testing it out for results on a few blogs.

I too like the “look and feel” of both the widget formats and the products displayed, but that’s not as important as whether it actually provides real results…


Comment by Dick H
2008-01-28 00:15:53

Hey Matt. It’s me again. What a way to wake up. Does this have an affiliate program? When you have time send me your sites i should promote as an affiliate. Have a good day.I am hitting the sack my new eyes. Also can you send me the resell program. Dick

Comment by Lazygit
2008-01-28 00:29:59

Hi Dick,

you can sign up for BlogRush here:

and you’ll get an affiliate link to promote, so if anyone signs up under you you’ll get extra credits, same goes for the link below for Jon Ledger’s system:



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