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I haven’t done an update on Neil Shearings Auto Smart Script Sites since Nov 30th last year, so I thought it’s probably time to check how they’re doing and post an update, so here it is…

As a quick reminder, the Auto Smart Sites script is only available as a “One Time Offer” when you buy Neil’s Passive Cashflow Secrets videos, which is an excellent product in itself, I use many of the techniques shown in the videos to make a good passive cashflow in my own business.

Now I happen to know that Neil is developing a new updated version of the smart site script, which I believe he will be selling on it’s own, but probably at a higher price, so I’d highly recommend you grab the original “OTO” and make sure you get the upgrade for free as soon as it’s available…

Back at the end of November last year I posted an article about protecting your webcopy from black hat sites scrapers.

I’ve now been testing this system for over 6 weeks on numerous sites and blogs of my own with great success, and we now have some other large site owners beta testing for us and it’s all looking very good.

In fact I was surprised by just how many attempts to scrape some of my sites there have been!

This tool also has the added advantage of being able to block unwanted spiders and bots (like the huge Chinese SE Baiduspider) from sucking your sites bandwidth…

CopyDefender is in the final stages of testing and we’re planning on launching the system publicly in March. There will be a fully functional free version, with a paid premium version for extra features, so if you want to get on the priority launch notice list simply visit CopyDefender and sign up there.

It seems there’s a new player on the block that might be a very effective alternative to AdSense.

It’s called PayPerPlay Ads ( and they’re already picking up some very big name advertisers like HBO, Taco Bell, and Harley Davidson.

To be fair, it’s not a new system, I did a bit of digging and it’s actually been around for over two years, it’s just getting a lot of news now as it’s being backed by a big search engine partner.

the basic idea is you add a bit of code to your site and when a new visitor lands on any page with that code they get played a 5 second audio advert.

the important bit is that you get paid for every visiter to your site.

Back on the 26th September I wrote about setting up some sites using a new script from Neil Shearing, it’s the “one time offer” for his Passive Cashflow Systems product (you can read the earlier article here – Smart Auto Site Builder).

As it’s been a month or so I thought I better go and check it out and see how well it’s done for me.

I’m happy to say it’s doing pretty darned fine!

The total AdSense earnings from the sites I set up with this tool for October were just over $30 and over $90 for november, which is pretty respectable considering the sites have only been running for 2 months and should still do better in the coming months.

I haven’t done any promotion for these sites, no backlinks or anything, although they were already indexed by google when I set them up.

Having built automated content scraping MFA’s (Made for Adsense sites) myself in the past, I know just how easy it can be to rip off someone elses valuable website content to use for your own sites.

I no longer use such tools and have no intention of going back to “the dark side” (Black Hat SEO) and I now find “the shoe on the other foot” as it were, as I’m interested in finding ways of protecting my own sites and valuable web copy from the black hat scraper systems out there.

I did some searching on the net for a suitable tool, but it seems the best option available is stuff like CopyScape, which simply lets you know once it has happened. There don’t seem to be any viable options for actively protecting your sites, so…

The site I set up last week using this new automated article site script now has 8 pages indexed in google and has started earning money from AdSense, not a huge amount, but going on the results so far I would expect it to earn at least $6-10 next month, possibly more as more new pages get picked up.

Part of the beauty of this script is that you can feed it any number of PLR articles in one go and just let it get on with adding them automatically on the time scale you’ve chosen, every hour in my case.

I happen to have enough PLR articles sat on my hard disk gathering dust that I could put a lot in straight away to keep it going at an article every hour for the next few weeks. Once it gets up to 300+ articles I may well pull the posting back down a notch.

Earlier this week I managed to get my hands on a new White Hat AdSense site building tool which has not been released yet.

Yesterday I spent a hour or so setting up a couple of sites and it was so easy I’ve got another half dozen planned over the next couple of days…

This script is from a well known long standing (he started making money online back in 1998) internet marketer who knows his stuff and is totally “White Hat”, so these sites will not get your adsense account banned (imho, and his).

I’ve not done an update on my adsense site building for a while, as I had a little “hiccup”.

Ok, maybe it was a major spanner in the works, Google closed down my AdSense accounts.

The main one was closed down for fair reason, I still had some old scraped content sites on the account and they found them, they’ve been having a clamp down on this kind of crappy auto generated site recently and I hadn’t been quick enough to remove all the old sites I built a couple of years ago.

The problem was that they also closed down the account for another seperate Limited company of mine that only had white hat sites on it simply becauseI was the contact person for both, and Google being “all powerful”, won’t enter in to any discussion on the matter.