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Well I’m glad I only put these on a few sites, as it’s now been a month and even though the ads showing are highly targetted to the sites and pages they’re on, the results are not impressive.

Results in 1st month:

Impressions: 802

Clicks: 20

Referrals: 1

Earnings: $0.00

summary: not impressed.

It could be the markets, although rugs/carpets, household/bathroom and Films/movies are all markets that have done well for me with AdSense, and I’ll probaby be going back to AdSense for these sites.

I’ve just set up a few test sites with a new alternattive to using AdSense called Auction Ads which looks interesting.

They take longer to set up as they are not as “context sensitive” as AdSense.

You can put in some keywords for the ads, but they seem better if you put in keywords that are specific to the subject of the page they’re on, so they’re certainly not as quick and easy to set up as AdSense, but they could be a viable alternative/addition.

They’re based on showing auctions from ebay, so it’s basically the ebay affiliate program that it’s using.

I’ve added the ads to thwo sites that are reasonably mature and get some traffic, so I should have an idea of how well they perform in a week or so and I’ll be posting the results here as usual..

Thanks for the post “Octocat”!

This is probably going to be one of the more popular topics on IMTesting, as both “Jester” and I are also in Dave’s SuperApprentice, although I’ve not had time to start building any sites yet.

I did get an email from Dave earlier today giving some results from another SA member which I thought I’d pass along as the results are more than a little impresive…

This is my first post as an editor of IMTesting – so first off I want to say thanks to Matt for giving me the keys to your empire – promise I won’t break it :o)

I want to start with some info about a fairly new site out there called Super Apprentice – you may have heard about it already, but if not, here’s a review from an “insider”.

I first met the owner of SA a couple of years ago, and thought he was a sincere and “down-to-earth” kinda guy – so I’ve have followed a lot of his online businesses ever since.

When I heard he was releasing Super Apprentice, I was hoping it wasn’t going to be one of those ridiculously over hyped, over pitched and over priced crappy products that sell a great story but never actually deliver. From what I knew of Dave, that was highly unlikely, but with the recent spate of “pitch fests” hitting our emails since pretty much the start of the year, I was half expecting another one.