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Commission Heist Software

CommissionHeist_09Commission Heist exposes a top secret loophole in affiliate networks such as ClickBank & JVZoo that you can exploit for maximum conversions & commissions…

You’ll discover how to:

* Create your own ‘launch-style’ frenzy and bumper payouts with *ANY* product!

* Bypass vendor sales pages, double up the scarcity value of everything you promote and grab HUGE conversions…

* Flatten other affiliates by taking control and completely dominating the sales process all on from your website!

This is 100% legal (it just feels so damn sneaky that it shouldn’t be) 🙂

Best of all, right now the price of Commission Heist is crazy low [under $8], but it’s going to go up FAST so grab your copy now and get started ‘Heisting’ those commission checks today:

Commission Heist

Killer headlines & subject lines made easy…

it sounds daft, but simply changing one word in a headline, email subject line or ad can make a massive difference to how many people take action, whatever action it is you are looking for!

that’s why this simple piece of software is so amazing, it helps you improve those headlines and subject lines with a a real simple scoring system…

Quicklink: ~> Headline Tool

I’ve used this software to increase sales page conversions by 200%, 300%, even 400%+!

In fact once you start using it you will probably get addicted and try it out on all your headlines, sub headers etc.

as well as using it to improve every email subject line you use to get even higher click through rates…

In the world of Affiliate Marketing, lots of people have seen their incomes slashed recently due to Google’s algorithmic changes (Penguin and Panda).

Yet, while all this has been happening, some affiliates, like Mark Ling, have been busy making over 10k a month from affiliate sites.

Great news is that it is NOT the end of affiliate marketing. These changes have actually brought about a fantastic new opportunity that very few are ready to capitalize on.

Great news is that there is a ‘rinse and repeat’ blueprint for affiliate success, which takes into account Google Penguin AND Panda that you can copy and use right now.

It’s called Affiloblueprint

To celebrate the new edition launch of AffiloBlueprint, for the next few days, you can get in for over half off the regular pricing.

There are also some special bonuses in place just for launch, so make sure you check it out as soon as you can.

Affiliate Link Cloaking

There’s a new Affiliate Link Cloaker tool just been released that is amazingly simple to install and use, check out the quick video below to see it in action: –

use the LinkSuperCharger link cloaker to hide your affiliate links and protect your online commissions!

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