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Stop Bad Bots

Stop Bad Bots

spyderspankerYour bandwidth is being stolen, stop it now… [plugin]

Did you know there are countless bots visiting your website and sucking up all of your bandwidth?

Web bots are commonly known as spyders and crawlers which are scripts written for good and evil.

A good spider is one that indexes your site so it appears on search engines.

But a bad spyder will look for email addresses on your site to use for spamming, or it can suck down all of your precious content to be used a to create a “Flog” (Fake blog), and even help foreign hackers find ways to break in. .

Each time a spider accesses your website it hogs the server resources because it’s much more intensive than a human user, it will go through every page, graphic and file it can find on your site.

Setting up Membership sites with WP

extrememebershipOne of the most powerful methods for building a succesful (and profitable) business online is to use membership sites that produce recurring commissions.

Building on your monthly income then becomes a simple matter of pushing new members in through the front doors and your income will go up and up, month after month.

Here’s three examples of how your income can stack up rather quickly when you’re building a recurring monthly membership income.

All three are based on just selling 1 new membership each day, avergaed at 30 per month.

The first is based on a recurring membership fee of $7 per month, the 2nd is $27 per month, and the 3rd is $47 per month.

I’ve personally launched membership sites at $67 per month and higher, so I know that this is entirely possible…

Example #1: $7 per month.

530 Login authentication failed error FileZilla

just a “heads up” in case you ever experience the same problem…

yesterday, me and my techie partner were working on a couple of new sites and  when he started to try uploading files to the new sites using FileZilla he got locked out of ftp with a “Response: 530 Login authentication failed” error.
The problem doesn’t happen when you initially log in with FileZilla, only when you try to upload a file.

We couldn’t replicate the error on my (older, pre v3) version of Filezilla and it literally took us several hours to nail down what was causing the problem.
We finally worked out it was the new cpanel/ftp password I’d set up for these new sites, one of the “special” characters in the password was causing the problem , we assume because Filezilla v3+ doesn’t encrypt/un-encrypt the character correctly when it sends it to the server.

Tech Gadgets Hardware Store WP Clone

Get your own Techie Store WordPress site for selling iPads, Tablets, Laptops and more…

As you know the hardware business is extremely profitable. Laptops, tablets, desktops – we all have one or more and use them on a daily basis.

With technology on the rise, people are always looking to buy new hardware.

The problem is that most people just don’t know how to tap into this niche. They create a blog, write a few product reviews and a week later get discouraged by the results.

That’s because everyone does that same thing. People see the huge potential in the niche but they just don’t know how to utilize it.

You need an advantage to stand-out from the crowd and so far it required paying thousands to programmers and designers to get your hardware business up and running properly.

1 click WP Update & auto full site backup…

using WP makes building sites so easy, especially with so many different themes and plugins to give so many extra, powerful features to any type of site.

The only problem is keeping your blog up to date, with the constant updates not just to WP itself, but also to all your plugins and themes…

Quicklink: ~> 1 Click Plugin

having a plugin that allows you to manage all your blogs from central location/controil panel would save a LOT of time keeping things updated!

that’s just one part of what this new plugin does: –

~ 1 click upgrading of WP on any or all of your blogs

~ 1 click installation and upgrading of themes & plugins on any or all of your blogs

~ full site back ups (not just the database) to multiple locations

Covert Copy Traffic Video Review

This is a quick demo review video to show you the CovertCopyTraffic plugin in action, who it works, what it does, and how easy it is to “setup”.

VIDEO #1: Covert Copy Traffic Video Review

The plugin basically inserts your link in to any text/content that is copy & pasted from your site in to another site or email.

This is cool for a couple of important reasons: –

1st – people share things via email just as often as they do using your “social sharing/like” buttons, as many people prefer to simply copy and paste the content in to an email to send their friends privately, this way you still get your link in there.

2nd – people who share via social media sites will often just grab the text/copy they want and copy it without including a link back to your site, again, with CCT your link get’s included.

Using RSS For Backlinks and Blog Traffic

Last week I managed to get early access to the new MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back plugin to test it out and see just how it can change your RSS Feed.

A blog’s RSS Feed, whilst being a great way for your subscribers to read your blog content, does have some significant drawbacks.

First of all your subscribers are likely to visit your blog less, if at all, as they’re getting your content from the feed, so they interact less with your blog and are less likely to read other related posts on your blog and “take action”.

In other words it cust down the likelyhood fo them opting in to your email newsletter, leaving a comment on a post, clicking the “like” button to share your posts, or even click on a paid advert/affiliate link.

Sniper Site Builder

Get your own ‘Sniper’ site builder with the Power Leverage Sensei WSO

If you’ve spent anytime blogging you should be aware that ‘Sniper’ sites still work very well indeed.

They can be fairly quick and easy to set up, but then you have to get all the content done and added, AND all the site promotion done…

Now you should also be aware by now that Fiverr is a great place to get all sorts of stuff done for you, dirt cheap!

So how about having a simple way of “leveraging” both..?

Having a system that would allow you to leverage Fiverr for building sites, content and traffic all in one go, and keep it simple would be cool, right?

Well, now you can!