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I’ve just finished updating my PPC campaign figures for July and, whilst I realise July is one of the quietest months of the year, the results have been even worse than I expected.

amazonhunter campaigns = zero sales/commissions for July : result -  all switched off

software affiliate DJK campaigns = zero sales/commissions for July : result -  all switched off

basically I won’t be putting and more time, money or effort in to the Day Job Killer methodology as I’ve simply not managed to make it work for me…

my ppc campaigns from here on in will concentrate wholly on lead generation for products (inc. plr) of my own.

for me, DJK has not really proved to be a good way to make money, I have made some profit, but for the amount of time and effort it was hardly worth it, and it appears that you have to be constantly looking for fresh new campaigns.

it seems that both the the timing and content of my latest update to my DJK PPC testing is ironic, considering the product being released tomorrow…

Project Black Mask is Chris (Affiliate Project X & Day Job Killer) McNeeney’s latest product and concentrates on Black Hat AdSense Techniques, and it’s being released tomorrow (Tuesday 19th June).

It could well be good, but I’m not going to rush in to buying it myself, partly as I’ve been somewhat dissapointed with the results of my DJK testing and partly because I have quite a lot of Black Hat AdSense experience myself, having been involved in the creation of tens of thousands of “Cloaked” MFA’s (Made for AdSense Sites).

I know that black hat adsense stuff can work, but I also know from experience how difficult it can be to keep ahead of the learning curve needed to stay ahead of Google, and I also know first hand how painfully expensive it can be if you get it wrong.

With that said, what are the latest results from my DJK testing?

I mentioned tracking keywords for my PPC campaigns in my Day Job Killer PPC update.

There are two systems I’ve been using to look at keywords for these campaigns, undercoverProfits & XtremeConversion, and I’ve got very different opinions about the two systems…

One’s cool, and one’s way to expensive and far to much work for me!

Here’s an update for April for the “Day Job Killer” style PPC campigns I’ve been testing out..

It’s not all good, in fact I’m coming to a pretty negative conclusion on my experiences so far, with most of the campaigns I’ve tried proving to be little return for the work and time involved, and some being a total loss.

In fact there’s only a couple that are really looking like winners..

So another month gone and some new results to post, although there is nothing that is a run away success, there have been some interesting results, including one campaign with over 6 thousand clicks.

I’m also starting some new campaigns for Amazon in April using what seems to be a very neat bit of software to automate the process and set up hundreds of ads very quickly..

Talk about going Niche, I think with this one I went a little too “Niche”..

As I’ve no had time to find another “product” for another test using Amazon as an affiliate (see PLR Product test Post) I deciced to re-visit the “Niche” I’d chosen and see if I could give it a breath of life.

Having taken another look (paying attention this time) at the sets of keywords I chose for the 5 adgroups it looks like the main problem is using the particular “Brand Name” I chose, which ws based on the product, so I’ve now added the “market” keywords without the brand name to the individual adgroups to see if this makes a difference..

I’ll post again when I know whether this will make the difference or whether I need to drop the market altogether.

I did however set up a couple more different test groups.

Well it’s been well over 24 hours since the campaign went live and it appears I’ve picked a market that is a little too “focused” as the campaign’s had bugger all impressions and a big fat zero clicks!

Bit of a school boy error really, I only briefly looked at the traffic figures when I did the keyword research and it didn’t occur to me that they were a bit to low, as I wanted to err on the side of caution for my first test, but let it be a lesson, a campaign will not be profitbale if it gets no clicks at all.

So tomorrow I’ll spend a little time digging out another product group to test and setup a new campaign..


Day Job Killer is a new IM/Affiliate Marketing info Product launched just a couple of weeks ago and it seems like a good place to start my new IM Testing Blog as it focuses on affiliate marketing largely using Google AdWords, which is something I have some experience with, but haven’t used much in a couple of years.

I do have two longstanding AdWords Campaigns for two of my own “product” sites that are profitable, but then it’s a lot easier to be profitable with AdWords if you’re promting your own product as you have a higher profit margin, although that is no guarantee.

I have run a few successful AdWords campaigns for affiliate programs before, but now for a couple of years, so reading the ideas and techniques outlined in Day Job Killer (DJK) got me interested in revisiting it as a traffic generation system fr affiliate programs.