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ever wanted to add an optin to a video..?
me too, but I never found a quick’n’easy way to get it done, until today…

Video Optin

what about being able to go even further and have a “forced” optin, where people can’t watch the rest of the video until they do optin…

now, have a think about what that will do to your optin rate!

yup, this is a doozy!!

and it’s free to try out!!!

so go watch the video showing exactly how it works now: –

Video Optin

It’s time for a quick update on how well using AdSwaps is working for me in building my newsletter or subscriber “list”, and I’ve got a couple of screen shots which I hope will make it clear just how good a method this is….

I was first introduced to the idea of “adswaps” back in August last year by another marketer called Sean Mize.

He got in touch with me to ask if I would be interested in sending his free offer to my subscribers in return for him sending my free offer to his list.

Now I was used to doing “JV’s” with other marketers where we each send out the other’s paid product offer to our subscribers, and both make some profits in the process, but I’d never done “free swap”, or “adswap” as Sean called it, before, so I was interested in testing it out to see just how well it worked.

Marketers will always be happy to tell you that “the money is in the list” and I whole heartedly agree with that sentiment, but it can be a lot more difficult to find simple and effective ways of building your list.

I have mostly built my subscriber lists with article marketing, Joint Ventures, Blogging and some PPC, which does work, but I’m always looking for good ways to add even more subscribers to my lists, so a while back I decided it was time to test out two new methods which I’d heard of, but not tried: –

Giveaway Events & “Ad Swaps”

I have to say that I was so pleased with the results that I have not only added giveaways as part of my regular list building tactics, I also took the time to set up a forum and facebook group specifically for doing adswaps! [details of both are below]

My main online business is becoming more focused on having my own info products, using these to build subscriber lists and email marketing.

Yesterday I spent some time looking at the analysis figures available in the autoresponder system I use – AWeber

I use AWeber for two reasons, first, and most importantly, it has the best delivery rate in the market, and secondly it’s a breeze to use and set up stuff like scheduled broadcasts, pre-set email sequences, etc.

What is the “Delivery Rate” – That’s the number/percentage of the emails sent that actually get past the ISP’s and users spam filters so people can actually read them. If most of the emails you send out are getting blocked by the ISP’s then you’re seriously limiting how much money you will make, so using a service with the highest delivery rate possible, like AWeber, is VERY important…

so what did my time spent digging in to the data reveal?