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With John Reese’s announcement that he’s closing down BlogRush yesterday, and Cody Moya recently redirecting his Link2Blogs site to one of his affiliate products, it looks like the only choice left for a decent traffic widget that is worth adding to your blog is the very same one that I tipped as the best back in March when I checked out all three traffic exchange blog widgets!

You can read the original testing results post I did here: –

Traffic Exchange Blog Widget

You can read more about why John has decided to close down BlogRush here: –


But the most important bit is if you haven’t already added the RealTrafficeXchange Widget from Jon Leger to your blog, then go get it done now: –

it’s been 7 months since my last post about blog traffic widgets and RealTrafficX is still getting me around 1% ctr across a range of blogs.

Earlier this week I managed to get my hands on a new White Hat AdSense site building tool which has not been released yet.

Yesterday I spent a hour or so setting up a couple of sites and it was so easy I’ve got another half dozen planned over the next couple of days…

This script is from a well known long standing (he started making money online back in 1998) internet marketer who knows his stuff and is totally “White Hat”, so these sites will not get your adsense account banned (imho, and his).

My PLR software product has made some more sales this month and is well and truly in profit, although I’ve still done no extra work to promote it since the submissions I did to start off with.

I am considering doing some SEO links work for it soon, but for this month I have simply added an upsell for a related info product that I have Private Label Rights for, which has added 27% to the profits for the month and only took about an hour to set up.

I’m still leaving money on the table at the moment though as I haven’t set up an autoresponder list for either the prospects or the buyers, which would help to increase profits.

My Parenting PLR ebook has yet to make any sales, which is a little dissapointing, as it is getting traffic from the articles I’ve submitted for it.

I’ve not posted any new results for a while as I’ve been fairly busy getting my first IM (internet marketing) product ready to launch later this week –

I’ve also been away for a week skiing in the Austrian Alps with my kids, although I did take my laptop with me and I even managed to get some work done, admitedly it was mostly sat at the bar with a beer, but I guess that’s why this “job” is cool.

I will be posting some updates to the current tests shortly, as well as some new ones, but for the moment I though I’d just mention an AdWords PPC ebook that I picked up to read while I was away.

It’s called Adwords180 and it’s got some fairly interesting stuff in it, it was worth the purcahse price, unlike the other ebook i read while on holiday, Duvet Dollars, which didn’t give me anything new at all..

I’m not promising I’m never going to do this, but you may have noticed that I’m not putting affiliate links in most of the posts to the products I’m testing.

There’s two reasons for this, first of all in my mind it seems wrong to post an affiliate link to a product that I’m testing, at least until there are some fairly substantial test results, as the product may turn out to be crap..

and second it’s not really what this blog’s for.

I’m not promoting this blog anywhere, in fact I’ve not even gone through my normal link building process for a new site, so if you’ve found this blog at the moment I’m not even sure how you’ve done so.. 🙂

I am using the built in Ping feature, but only to Pingomtaic, not a long list.

As I’m always spending so much time testing out new Internet Marketing products, ideas and theories, I thought I might as well set up a blog to share some of the results..

Don’t expect vast volumes of in depth instructions or test data and results, that’s not the purpose of this blog.

The main purpose is simply to remind me to keep a track/record of what I’m testing and how it goes, to help me concentrate my buisness on the most profitable techniques.

Who am I?

Well, that shouldn’t really matter should it, so I’ll just say I earn a living from “internet marketing” and have done for a little while now.

nuff said..