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Okay, so the 50 articles are ordered @ $8 each, found a great writer from the UK. They should be done in a few days.

Next up I’ve chosen Joomla as the CMS for the new domain, I guess I could of used wordpress but I wanted to do something a little different and I like a lot of the features on Joomla. I’ve added the SEF Advance module to allow me to control the URL structure and make them SE friendly. I’ve also chosen a basic template which I’ll knock-up a quick logo & header bar for.

I’ve chosen “constipation” as the market, I may sub niche this further at some stage but for now that’s it, I’ve done some real basic keyword research but I’m not worrying about it too much at this stage, once the site is up and running and has some authority I’ll worry about targetting specific money words at that stage.

 I’m using one domain to start with, its a .com that was registered in November but never used, so that may help a little. It does have the keyword ‘constipation’ in the url. I’m not releasing the actual domain name right now, it’d be too easy for someone to mess things up at this stage, it’ll be fairly easy to figure it out as time goes by anyway. I’ll probably officially release it when/if it gets a foothold.

Next up , I’m off to Elance to order 50 brand new articles about constipation to use as content on the site.


One of Matt’s IM buddies here, he’s let me use his testing blog to keep track of business sytems I’m toying with right now.

I’m tired of ‘gaming’ , I’m going back to basics here, I’m just going to give the SE’s what they want, original relevant content and themed inbound links, period…..

 Let’s see how it goes.