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Your free giveaway gifts to use for building your list!

so what’s this gift I mentioned yesterday on

simple, it’s just what you need to give your list building a kick start, using giveaways!

First up you need to sign up for some of the current & upcoming giveaways,

here’s some to get you started: –

Russells Big Birthday Giveaway
Contributors =>
or just get the gifts =>
Start Date => OPEN NOW
Ends => Saturday March 21st 2009

Traffic Giveaway 1.0
Contributors =>
Start Date => March 14th 2009
Ends => Saturday March 28th 2009

100 Percent Giveaway
Contributors =>
Start Date => March 20th 2009
Ends => April 01st 2009
Friday the 13th Giveaway
Contributors =>
Start Date => 3/13/2009
Ends => 3/27/2009