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Andrew Hansen, the guy behind Niche Marketing on Crack, has just released a new tool to make it easier to build the kind of sites you need for NMOC.

It’s called Niche Empire Generater and I’ll be getting my copy set up to test out this week, but it does look quite neat..

I’ll post an update as soon as I’ve had chance to put it to the IMTest.


I picked up the Niche Marketing On Crack info report as it sounded like something I’ve already done and reading it confirmed my suspicion, although there is some new stuff for me in there about promoting the sites that I want to test out.

I have a handful of mini sites promoting affiliate programs using the basic premis that Andrew covers in NMOC that are still earning me a couple of thousand dollars each month just from organic search results and I haven’t touched them in well over 18 months, probably longer.

I admit they used to do even better, at one point one alone was bringing in over $3,000 a month, so I know this technique works and NMOC has spurred me to revisit it and try out Andrews ideas for getting traffic to the sites to see what happens.