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Well my PLR software site is now in profit.

It made almost $90 profit in May and has made $105 so far in June, putting it roughly $57 in profit after 4 months.

Not that impresive, but I haven’t actually done anything with the site since April, and it should continue making $100+ a month at least from here on in, which will all be pure profit, so I’ll schedule some SEO link building for it next month to see if I can improve that figure with a little effort.

I’ve also just started a new PLR project, a parenting ebook.


PLR Update for April

previous figures: –

costs were $347 with $51.56 sales in March,

April totalled just 9 sales, so not too impresive, but it does give a total net income of $208.62, leaving me with a loss of $138 so far.

At this rate it will not be in profit for another 6 weeks or so, which is dissapointing, but does mean that the product should be producing profits by the middle of June and thereon in.

I must admit that I’ve not had time to work on building more backlinks to the site, which is what it really needs..


PLR Update

Well my PLR software product is now up and running on Clickbank and has just been submitted to over 100 software/freeware download directories.

I’ve also contacted a couple of magazines to see if they can include it on their cover CD’s and one is a go, which should be coming out in about a week.

Costs so far: –

Back in December I spent $97 on the resale rights for a nice little piece of software that I wanted to get a site up for. I’ve finally got it up this week.

Why the delay?
Well I had some problems with the licencing/registration script for the product and could not get hold of the vendor for a LONG while..

If you buy PLR rights make sure the vendor is responsive in case you do have problems, it’s not such a big problem with info products, providing you have the source files (i.e. Word Doc instead of just PDF), but you should have those anyway as you should always make changes to the product before you resell it to put your own “stamp” on it.

With software it’s more important to have support, even if you have the source code files, because if there are problems you may well need to get re-coding done.