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How many unique backlinks do you want..?

What works in SEO has changed a lot over the past year, but 1 simple fact remains the same…  The importance of backlinks.

Quicklink ~> Backlinking Wizardry

But it is no longer about shear volume of backlinks. It is much more difficult to find the types of backlinks that Google loves now.

Or should I say, it WAS a lot more difficult, that was before I discovered the simple secrets to using footprints in Google itself to dig out exactly the kind of links they’re looking for!

It’s actually a lot easier than you’d think to find the types of backlinks that Google will love you for, you just need the right “recipes” to find links that are: –

~ Authoritative
~ Relevant
~ Deviated

WP Auto Social Bookmarking Backlinks Poster

Getting more social bookmarking backlinks on auto pilot for free is actually really simple when you know how…

Watch this quick video and I’ll show you exactly how I use two free site to automate my backlinks from 47 popular social bookmark sites!

In the video I mention the two sites that I use to automate the process

They are Ping.FM and

I’ve also done another quick video to show where you can get another 40+ Social Bookmarking profile backlinks that you can check out here: –

Social Profile Backlinks Video

[this post: ]


SEO Backlinks Service

SEO Backlinks Service

To generate free website traffic from the search engines you need to rank well for your chosen keywords. Whilst there are a lot of factors involved in achieveing a high postion in the “SERP’s” (Search Engine Results Pages) the dominant factor is still the number of backlinks you have for your site and it’s pages or posts.

BUT the quality of those backlinks, i.e. the quality of the sites they are on, is also VERY important, as is the “anchor text” you use, as having your main keywords in the link itself also makes a big differense on how well you rank for that keyword.

The problem all webmasters face is being able to not only get enough backlinks, but to make sure that they are from high quality, high “PageRank”, aged domains.

So any system that makes this easier for you has got to be good right?

Auto Create Social Profiles

I love free (targeted) traffic and automation, so a tool that automates pretty much every possible way of getting backlinks for free traffic is something that REALLY grabs my attention.

I’ve just got hold of a tool [SENukeX] automates the creation of over 236 profiles across a bunch of sites that can bring in great backlinks and traffic to any site.

Note: you can see the list of types of sites below the video.

Here’s the video showing a bit about how the system works, it’s only 5 mins 34 secs long:

I will point out that this isn’t a brand new tool, it’s actually just a major upgrade to a tool that has been around (anbd working well) for a couple of years, so it has a proven track record not only of doing what it says, but getting great results!


Brute Force SEO

I almost missed this…

it’s all very well relaxing and having fun with my kids, but I’ve been so busy messing around with them that I almost missed out on something that I’ve been waiting several weeks to get my hands on!!

it’s only thanks to my son taking a break from Warcraft that I happened to quickly log in to check my email and spotted the reminder…

then when I went to the site it wouldn’t come up!

I thought I’d missed out already, as there’s only a very few lucky people who will get in on this one…

after hitting refresh a few times it (don’t you hate having to do that!) did finally come up, so I’ve grabbed my copy, go get yours now…

Brute Force SEO

what ya mean ya wanna know what it is!?!