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Backlinks Plugin

The Samson WordPress backlinking plugin can get any of your blogs or websites an extra 400+ backlinks on auto pilot and it only takes a few minutes to get it set up, watch the video below to see me set up a new campaign…

This simple to use auto backlinks plugincan be used for as many sites as you want all from the one blog, so you can manage your new link campigns in one central location.

It also gets the links naturally over time so it doesn’t set of any ‘alarms’ or penalties with the search engines.

AND it creates an RSS feed for you that you can then use to get the backlinks ‘pinged’ to make sure they are picked up and indexed by the search engines, there’s no point in getting links if they’re not indexed…

Automated Backlinks Software

Using software to automate the process of getting Backlinks to your sites can save you LOTS of time and effort, after all, the process of getting one way backlinks can be not only time consuming, but alos more than a little boring…

Blog comments are one of the simplest ways to get backlinks to your sites, and this auto backlinking software will help you to grab thousands of backlinks on auto pilot.

Check out the video below to see it in action: –

This system will not only find thousands of sites that you can post blog comments on, it will even make the posts for you, saving even more time and making the process truly ‘hands free’.

They even send you 200,000 ‘auto approve’ sites to use, split up into 10,000 site ‘chunks’ that are emailed to you twice a week, which means you can start straight away, no need to go harvest for yourself, although you can as soon as you need more… 😉

SENuke X Video Tutorial

I did a couple of quick video on using SENukeX a while back, this one gives a complete run through of the software from start to finish, so you can see just how much of your web traffic generation and SEO it allows you to put on auto pilot…

There is a specific reason I’m posting this video right now, if you’ve watched it you will have noticed that using it with TheBestSpinner makes things even quicker and easier…

AND the latest version of TheBestSpinner has just been released and is 45% off for the next few days, so go grab your copy right now: – TheBestSpinner

and here’s a quick reminder of what SENukeX can automate for you: –

~ Social Network Profile backlinks

~ Social Bookmark Site Backlinks

~ Article Submissions

~ Press Release Submissions

The TweetAdder Twitter Automation System

Twitter can be a fantastic way of getting extra, targeted, fresh traffic to your website or blog, but it can be a LOT of work, unless you automate the whole process…

This quick video shows the software tool I use to automate all of my twitter traffic generation: –

Get the Twitter Automation Tool Here

I should probably also mention that I’ve been using this system for around 9 months now, so I’ve thoroughly tested it out and I know it works, it’s been getting me solid, reliable results month after month! 🙂

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