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ViralSubmitterPro Demonstration

This short video show just how easy it is to automate the submission of your videos, articles and press releases to the major sites all through one tool – ViralSubmitterPro

Being able to manage all your submissions from one simple interface makes it much quicker and easier to get the submissions completed, or to train your outsourcing people to use the tool.

The guys behind Viral Submitter Pro are also constantly working on adding new features and updates to the system, so this isn’t one of those tools that stops working after a couple of months because it’s not getting updated.

These guys have used the very latest Adobe Air platform to design the system simply to make sure it is very easy to automatically update the software for you, it checks for new updates every time you login, so no worries for you.


Viral Ads

Viral Ads Blog Traffic Widget

Discover just how quick and easy it is to add a Viral Ad Widget to your blog for more free targeted traffic and visitors in this short video : 5.11 mins

You can see the widget working in the sidebar of this blog, it’s the big blue box.

the standard version of this system is free so grab it now and start getting extra visitors to your blog or website today!

Viral Ads Blog Widget

There is a paid upgrade for the system which ads a great feature to help build your email newsletter subscriber list, so check it out when you register for the free version

[this post – Viral Ads Widget]

yeah, I know, sounds like trying to make money by giving someone the Flu right…

Well, apparently it’s very effective, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I’ve taken a bunch of my videos (see and linked to them in a ebook on how to set up a blog. I then added in a few affiliate links for recommended resources for things like hosting, an autoresponder and a good blog web 2.0 ebook.

Then I got a copy of a pdf brander tool and made the affiliate links brandable.