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Instant Partnership Facebook App

Watch this quick video to see how the InstantPartnership Fanpage Affiliate Commissions System works and how you too can offer affiliate commissions from your fanpages…

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Note: Remember this is only availabel for a very limited time, so go grab it right now, and my apologies if the private invite has already been closed…

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[this post:]

Ever wanted to know if you, your website, product or company is being discussed out there on Twitter..?

well it’s actually real easy to keep an eye on, and it’s free for up to 10 keywords.

Watch the video to see exactly how… allow you to track up to 10 keywords and they will inform you in a hourly or daily email every time any of your chosen keywords is talked about on Twitter, perfect for reputation management!

and if you need to track more than keywords then you can upgrade to the premium version and track up to 200 keywords!

I’ve been running another test for StumbleUpon Ads to try and work out the value of the visitors it brings in.

For this test I was simply interested in seing how long each visitor spent on the blog to try and judge the “visitor value”, again I was sending the visitors to my “internet marketing” and “Blogging” related blogs.

The sample was over 2,000 visitors and on average each visitor only spent 29.4 seconds on the site before leaving, and less than on in each 10 visitors would leave the site via an “affiliate link” of some sort.

Compare this with recent visitors I’ve been getting from two other Web 2 social bookmarking sites and you can see there’s quite a difference:

Sphinn – each visitor spends on average 1 min and 36 seconds on the site and almost 6% click on a “montezied” link to leave.

You may not even have realised that offer an advertising option,

I didn’t until last week, when I found out thanks to Yaro Stark.

obviously I needed to go and have a play to see whether it’s an undiscovered gem of traffic, or not…

You can listen to my thoughts about the results I received on the short podcast below, it’s less than 4 minutes long, so you shouldn’t fall asleep.. 😉

But I’ll give a quick written summary of my results as well.

first it’s worth noting that you’re not paying for “ad displays” or even clicks on ads, you’re paying for actual visitors to your site, as your site is added to the selection of sites in your chosen category that are presented to Stumbleupon users to “stumble” and vote on