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For my customers I’ve been looking at services for finding expired domains to use and in the process also spent some time looking at domain parking services.

I found a service that has helped me grab several PR5 and one PR6 domains over the last week or so, which I will be using for backlinks to my own sites, so I’m pretty pleased with how useful the service is, in fact I’ve just finished a video showing how easy this is to use..

You can check out the expired domain service yourself here: –


I also found a very interesting parking service which is basically a very simple way of building out sites with automated content and your own adsense ads, so I’ve been testing this out as well.

I moved 4 of my parked domains to this service just over a week ago to see how they perfomed and I’m so happy with the results that I’ve moved another 10 sites across to this service today, with more planned over the next few weeks.

In seven days the 4 domains have earned roughly 9 times as much as they were for the same period of time on my previous parking service and with the way this new service works I expect that to go up over the coming weeks/months.


Well, when you add a domain to this service you not only put in your own google AdSense ads to go on the sites, but you also give it a list of keywords for the site and it builds out a whole bunch of real conent pages for the site based on these keywords, so it’s basically a “Made For Adsense” site building tool that is REAL easy to use..

I ran some of the pages through copyscape and they are pretty much unique, not totally as the pages do use RSS feeds, so some sentances aren’t uniques, but the overall “uniqueness” of the pages is good enough imho..

So over time these extra pages should also get picked up by the search engines and start earning me even more money.

You can check out the service here: –


I’ve just finished a video showing how I use the service and find good keywords for the sites, it’s also in the videos section of

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