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As I’m spending more time building “real” html sites again, I’ve had to revisit my SEO (search engine optimization) roots and look at the whole linking process.

It used to be good enough to just link between a few of your own sites on different servers to get some reasonable SEO results, but not any more. Now you need to have a long term startegy for building solid One Way Backlinks to your sites, especially as Google have “downgraded” the linking “power” of reciprocal links.

I’ve not actually traded reciprocal links for any of my sites in over two years, as it simpy takes to long to check that the site you’re swapping links with is any good and that they keep the link on the page, and that they don’t use the “nofollow” tag.

So I now concentrate on ways of getting one way links, i.e. where other sites link to mine without me having to link back.

I’ve found a bunch of services that offer this kind of linking over the last couple of months and have narrowed it down to three that I’ve been testing.

The first is most useful if you have mutliple sites, as it’s basically your own blog on an “authority” site, which you can then use to link to any site you want from blog posts, so you can also make the content in which you place the links relevant to the site you are linking to.

The biggest benefit I’ve found with this service is actaully the spider activitiy. As the site gets so much attention from the search engine spiders (for example in June 2007 Googlebot visited this site 14,470 times & Yahoo Slurp 52,436 times), it’s not only easy to get a new site spidered and indexed very quickly, the same goes for new content added to existing sites.

As there hasn’t been a PR update since I started using it, I can’t tell what difference it’s going to have for the Pagerank of the sites I’ve linked to, but for the fast indexing alone, it’s valuable to my business.

You can check out the service here:

I’ll post more details on the other two services over the coming weeks.

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