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I’ve not posted any new results for a while as I’ve been fairly busy getting my first IM (internet marketing) product ready to launch later this week –

I’ve also been away for a week skiing in the Austrian Alps with my kids, although I did take my laptop with me and I even managed to get some work done, admitedly it was mostly sat at the bar with a beer, but I guess that’s why this “job” is cool.

I will be posting some updates to the current tests shortly, as well as some new ones, but for the moment I though I’d just mention an AdWords PPC ebook that I picked up to read while I was away.

It’s called Adwords180 and it’s got some fairly interesting stuff in it, it was worth the purcahse price, unlike the other ebook i read while on holiday, Duvet Dollars, which didn’t give me anything new at all..

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