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I’ve been running another test for StumbleUpon Ads to try and work out the value of the visitors it brings in.

For this test I was simply interested in seing how long each visitor spent on the blog to try and judge the “visitor value”, again I was sending the visitors to my “internet marketing” and “Blogging” related blogs.

The sample was over 2,000 visitors and on average each visitor only spent 29.4 seconds on the site before leaving, and less than on in each 10 visitors would leave the site via an “affiliate link” of some sort.

Compare this with recent visitors I’ve been getting from two other Web 2 social bookmarking sites and you can see there’s quite a difference:

Sphinn – each visitor spends on average 1 min and 36 seconds on the site and almost 6% click on a “montezied” link to leave.

PlugIM – each visitor spends on average 1 min 51 seconds on the site and just over 11% used an affiliate link of some sort to leave the site.

The PlugIM and Sphinn visitors had come to the site from a post being tagged, so there is obviously a big difference in their reason for coming to the site, they have chosen to click on the link and visit, where as the paid traffic from StumbleUpon ads the visitor is just shown the site, although obviously the ads are, in theory, reasonably targeted.

My conclusion?

Well, I still need to test out Stumbleupon ads for non “make money/internet marketing” niche’s, but I won’t be paying for any more visitors to the “IM” based sites, it simply doesn’t seem to convert.

One additional point that I noticed and thought I’d share, according to my stats, almost 90% of the web 2 social bookmarking site traffic I received recently was using FireFox, not Internet Explorer, so it’s obviously VERY Important to make sure your blog theme looks good in firefox..

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Comment by Cindy King
2008-04-01 09:47:16

I submit a stumble with one keyword related to the post and getting the regular people that stumble.
As an example, at 14h00 today I stumbled a post and I have 30 regular hits since then and 120 stumbles. This is 2 hours later, pretty good results for the 30 seconds it takes to stumble.

From those 30 regular visits I have 2 sign-ups (my objective is sign-ups at this stage) and from the 120 stumbles – nothing. In fact most did not even go to a second page. I looked quickly and think that only 4 did more than the one page.

I am sure this will help the Alexa rank on these pages but they are not turning into sing-up and without the contact details I can’t make money.

Very interesting post, good to see that others have the same issue as me.

Also, I hit your post and think that this is the way to go. probably a good buy.

Comment by MattG
2008-04-01 14:15:30

Hi Cindy,

that’s basically what I’ve found, you can get lots of visitors from StumbleUpon, but they’re not high value visitors as they don’t tend to take action and spend very little time on the site..


Comment by Tom Stine
2008-04-10 15:17:36

Just thought I would ad my 2 cents. I recently paid for 200 SU visitors to my blog on spirituality. That, plus a little momentum from some friends who stumbled the site netted me 593 visitors. I got a decent number of thumbs up. My RSS subs went up about 10. All for $10. I’m giving SU ads another whirl this week.

Comment by Lazygit
2008-04-10 21:43:19

Hi Tom,
Great to hear you are getting some good results from Stumble Ads traffic!
I still need to run some tests on non “IM” niches with Stumble, as your results do suggest it’s probably a far more effective tactic in other markets..

Comment by Tom Stine
2008-04-11 07:06:58

I will be curious to see your results. With spirituality, there aren’t really any good social media but stumbleupon. As for Adwords, I’ve yet to experiment.

Comment by Nesher
2008-04-11 12:43:36

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Have a good weekend!


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