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I mentioned sometime ago that I was going test out one or two CPA ad networks, including NeverBlue.

Unfortunately I kinda lost track of that test and only got around to re-visiting it in the last couple of weeks.

the good news is that it’s been a “minor” success…

just over 10 days ago I picked a couple of CPA offers from NeverBlue that looked suitable for a couple of my test blogs, one in the “Dating & Romance” niche and one in the “Autos” niche.

Here’s the stats for the last 10 days: –

NeverBlue CPA Ads

NeverBlue CPA Ads

now here’s the important bit, the two blogs in question are both less than 3 months old and only have content being posted to them from the plugin, so they’re “hands free” blogs for me.

I’ve done no linking for them, other than putting my list of RSS sites in (see the ping list here: – Best WP Ping List)

so they’ve basically gone from non money making, test blogs, to money making blogs after I took about 5 minutes to add a couple of banners to each one.

that income make not look huge, but it’s just from the last 10 days, so should be double that at least over a monthly period and that will add up to a nice bit of cash over a year…

and they’re also not getting much traffic yet, once I find the time to get some incoming links for them I’d expect the traffic to increase around 4-500% within 2-4 months, and the income from each should follow the same path.

So although it’s early days, I’m pretty pleased with the results and will be setting aside some time to add NeverBlue CPA ads to a whole bunch of my other test blogs ASAP! 🙂

Using CPA Ads On WP Blogs

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Comment by Trevor White
2008-11-08 03:57:58

Hi there. Great post, as I just applied to NeverBlue and a host of other CPA’s
and got denied by them all.
I’m to new and have no stats or history they told me.
OK, fair enough.
I have a landing page that I’m driving traffic to, and when the visitor is finished either opting in or leaving, I have a pop up with another offer.
I would like to be able to put up some CPA’s instead of CBank offers.
Do you know of other CPA’s that are a little more lenient when it comes to accepting applicants?

Thanks, Trevor

Comment by MattG
2008-11-08 05:49:55

Hi Trevor,
yup, it can be tricky to get in to many of the better CPA sites, I’d advise sticking a blog up, using the plugin to get a bunch of free content, then using a few article submissions to get backlinks and traffic and you should have something more “solid” to show them within 4-6 weeks.

Alternatively you can try telling them that you will be using media buying and ppc to drive targeted traffic to the offers.

in the meantime go sign up with
It’s run by Keith Baxter and isn’t quiet so tough to get in.

Comment by Trevor White
2008-11-09 04:44:32

Wow. Thanks Matt.
Your reply is exactly what I needed to hear.
Easy when you know how isn’t?
Thanks for the great advice.
I’m already using the methods you mention
and have an existing non promoted WP blog.
Thanks for the great tips and resource.
I’ll implement them immediately.
Thanks, Trevor
PS-I’m bookmarking you for more great info.

Comment by Trevor White
2008-11-14 04:32:20

Hi there Matt.

I installed the UAW, but after 3 days, no articles have appeared on my blog. Do you know why this is?
Here is a screen shot of my settings
Thanks again for your help.


Comment by MattG
2008-11-16 19:18:11

Hi Trevor,
try replacing the space between “weight loss” with a hyphen in the “Prefix for Div Class” and then do a test post to see what happens.
sometimes a test post is needed to kick start the plugin.
let me know if that works.

Comment by Trevor White
2008-11-17 16:07:36

Hi Matt and thanks.
No that didn’t work. I did a reinstall and still didn’t work.
Any other suggestions?
Thanks, Trev

Comment by MattG
2008-11-18 07:19:39

Hi Trevor,

I notice that you’ve still got “confirm” in the username field, that’s my UAW username, try putting your own in there.

and have you got one or more “categories” ticked?
and are those categories generic enough that they will pick up articles?



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