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If you’ve visited before you’ll probably have noticed I’ve got a new theme installed.

Now as this is my “testing things” blog it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to find out that it’s my own new theme that I’m testing out…

When I say “my own”, I’m not going to claim to have coded it myself, I’ve got a RaC coder called Andre to thank for it (as wel as pay), and I’m pretty pleased with the results, we’re just trying to iron out the few last wrinkles, which always seems to take the longest..

When it is finished it will be available as a free download from my blog, which hopefully will be within the next few days, although it may take me a bit longer to get al the tutorial videos for it done and uploaded.

You may be wondering why it needs tutorial videos if it’s “just another wordpress theme”, well it has a few “extras” built in.

For example, you may notice the new banners at the top and bottom of pages, they’re not specifically there because I’m dying to “monetize” this blog, my other new, in testing (paid) product is taking care of most of that (more on that one soon), the banners are a built in feature of the new theme, so I’m testing them out..

The new “custom” header graphic is also a built in feature of the theme, along with a couple of other bits I’ve not used on this blog yet, what, you thought this is my only “testing” blog… :???:

Have you tried grabbing one of the menu “options” in the sidebar and changing the order in which they apear, or minimizing the ones you don’t want to see…

I am of course interested in hearing what you think about the new theme, so I’d really appreciate any feedback and comments you have..

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Comment by Patrick
2008-03-06 15:25:45

Hi Matt, great new theme. I like the fact that it breaths. Since I’m not a big fan of overly packed themes, I think you did a great job at embedding widgets without polluting the entire theme with bells and whistles. It’s the first time I notice a font resizer on a WordPress blog, that’s very cool. All in all, great job.


Comment by Lazygit
2008-03-08 15:31:48

Thanks Patrick!
I tried to model the new theme on Chris Pearson’s classic “Cutline” theme, which I’ve always liked as it’s clean and simple, but I wanted to get a few extra “features” added in to make life simple for blogging newbies who aren’t comforatble editing the code in the theme templates.
The finished version should be available by the end of next week, fingers crossed!

Comment by fenn
2008-03-21 21:32:07

Oh double yay! I’m already loving the look of this theme, I’ve been searching forever for a good solid theme that is 100% widget-friendly and most of all, one that allows me to change the header or even the font size of the header without having to sieve through rows of css and php which quite frankly, I know nothing about nor am the least bit inclinded towards. =p So…the burning question, will it be ready for release by easter? 😉 I am a total WP klutz but have been suffering from theme envy for a long time and just couldn’t resist getting a wp a/c on merit of the abundant themes alone. Totally pysched now.


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