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Earlier this week I managed to get my hands on a new White Hat AdSense site building tool which has not been released yet.

Yesterday I spent a hour or so setting up a couple of sites and it was so easy I’ve got another half dozen planned over the next couple of days…

This script is from a well known long standing (he started making money online back in 1998) internet marketer who knows his stuff and is totally “White Hat”, so these sites will not get your adsense account banned (imho, and his).

The script uses private label articles to build real article directories automatically. Once the site is set up, which take less than 30 mins, you just up load a bunch of articles once a month (or whenever you want) and it automatically posts and categorizes the articles for you on a pre-defined schedule that you decide.

The two sites I set up yesterday now have 35 and 41 articles posted to them, I’ve not checked the adsense stats yet, but I will do in a few days and post some results.

I admit that I’ve used domains that previously had joomla article sites on them, so they have PR and are indexed, which should speed up them getting indexed, having traffic and making money, but I figured that’s the quickest way of finding out if this really works well, as the only back links these sites have are from a directory submission tool that I’ve used.

the tool in question is one of James Brausch’s tools, he’s got some kick arse stuff, you can check it out here: directory submission tool

it’s cool because you only pay once and you can use it for as many sites as you want, and it will usually (depending on the subject of your site) get 200-300 backlinks for your site with just five minutes work, although obviously the links will take a few weeks to all show up.

I’ll post an update with some results as soon as I have them, as well as a link to the product when it’s released.

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