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I’m not promising I’m never going to do this, but you may have noticed that I’m not putting affiliate links in most of the posts to the products I’m testing.

There’s two reasons for this, first of all in my mind it seems wrong to post an affiliate link to a product that I’m testing, at least until there are some fairly substantial test results, as the product may turn out to be crap..

and second it’s not really what this blog’s for.

I’m not promoting this blog anywhere, in fact I’ve not even gone through my normal link building process for a new site, so if you’ve found this blog at the moment I’m not even sure how you’ve done so.. 🙂

I am using the built in Ping feature, but only to Pingomtaic, not a long list.

Admitedly there are a couple of links in the blogroll to “money making” sites, but it’s not exactly hard hitting “in your face” affiliate marketing, and that’s my intent with this blog. I will post links to products, but only once the test results have proven that they are worth linking to, otherwise what’s the point..

It’s purpose is simply as a place to post my test results, as I said in the original intro, it’s a way of making sure I keep doing my testing and don’t get lazy, I am after all known to be a bit of a “Lazy Git”.. 🙂

If you want to find out just how lazy check out the link to Lazy Git Marketing in the blogroll on the right, it’s not an affiliate link as this is my own product, the first Internet marketing ptoduct I’ve released. It’s a report on how to make money from sites with no traffic and no visitors..

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