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Covert Copy Traffic Video Review

This is a quick demo review video to show you the CovertCopyTraffic plugin in action, who it works, what it does, and how easy it is to “setup”.

VIDEO #1: Covert Copy Traffic Video Review

The plugin basically inserts your link in to any text/content that is copy & pasted from your site in to another site or email.

This is cool for a couple of important reasons: –

1st – people share things via email just as often as they do using your “social sharing/like” buttons, as many people prefer to simply copy and paste the content in to an email to send their friends privately, this way you still get your link in there.

2nd – people who share via social media sites will often just grab the text/copy they want and copy it without including a link back to your site, again, with CCT your link get’s included.

Using RSS For Backlinks and Blog Traffic

Last week I managed to get early access to the new MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back plugin to test it out and see just how it can change your RSS Feed.

A blog’s RSS Feed, whilst being a great way for your subscribers to read your blog content, does have some significant drawbacks.

First of all your subscribers are likely to visit your blog less, if at all, as they’re getting your content from the feed, so they interact less with your blog and are less likely to read other related posts on your blog and “take action”.

In other words it cust down the likelyhood fo them opting in to your email newsletter, leaving a comment on a post, clicking the “like” button to share your posts, or even click on a paid advert/affiliate link.

In the world of Affiliate Marketing, lots of people have seen their incomes slashed recently due to Google’s algorithmic changes (Penguin and Panda).

Yet, while all this has been happening, some affiliates, like Mark Ling, have been busy making over 10k a month from affiliate sites.

Great news is that it is NOT the end of affiliate marketing. These changes have actually brought about a fantastic new opportunity that very few are ready to capitalize on.

Great news is that there is a ‘rinse and repeat’ blueprint for affiliate success, which takes into account Google Penguin AND Panda that you can copy and use right now.

It’s called Affiloblueprint

To celebrate the new edition launch of AffiloBlueprint, for the next few days, you can get in for over half off the regular pricing.

There are also some special bonuses in place just for launch, so make sure you check it out as soon as you can.

Affiliate Link Cloaking

There’s a new Affiliate Link Cloaker tool just been released that is amazingly simple to install and use, check out the quick video below to see it in action: –

use the LinkSuperCharger link cloaker to hide your affiliate links and protect your online commissions!

[this post:]

Sniper Site Builder

Get your own ‘Sniper’ site builder with the Power Leverage Sensei WSO

If you’ve spent anytime blogging you should be aware that ‘Sniper’ sites still work very well indeed.

They can be fairly quick and easy to set up, but then you have to get all the content done and added, AND all the site promotion done…

Now you should also be aware by now that Fiverr is a great place to get all sorts of stuff done for you, dirt cheap!

So how about having a simple way of “leveraging” both..?

Having a system that would allow you to leverage Fiverr for building sites, content and traffic all in one go, and keep it simple would be cool, right?

Well, now you can!

IMDB Site Clone Script

Get your own auto pilot movie site…

Movie sites do very well online, as they are so popular.

You’ve probably heard of IMDB, one of the biggest, but how about having your own version of this site…

the biggest problems with running your own movie site are keeping up with all the new releases and news, AND making sure you have an archive of all the old movies as well.

This script takes care of ALL of this for you!!!

it includes: –

~ showtimes for the US, UK & Canada

~ ‘Now Playing’ Movies

~ Movie Trailers Search

~ Top Box Office, Opening This week & Coming Soon info

~ Full Movie Archive

~ Movie News

it’s basically your shortcut to your own IMDB clone!

AND it’s 100% hands free…

Backlinks Plugin

The Samson WordPress backlinking plugin can get any of your blogs or websites an extra 400+ backlinks on auto pilot and it only takes a few minutes to get it set up, watch the video below to see me set up a new campaign…

This simple to use auto backlinks plugincan be used for as many sites as you want all from the one blog, so you can manage your new link campigns in one central location.

It also gets the links naturally over time so it doesn’t set of any ‘alarms’ or penalties with the search engines.

AND it creates an RSS feed for you that you can then use to get the backlinks ‘pinged’ to make sure they are picked up and indexed by the search engines, there’s no point in getting links if they’re not indexed…

Automated Backlinks Software

Using software to automate the process of getting Backlinks to your sites can save you LOTS of time and effort, after all, the process of getting one way backlinks can be not only time consuming, but alos more than a little boring…

Blog comments are one of the simplest ways to get backlinks to your sites, and this auto backlinking software will help you to grab thousands of backlinks on auto pilot.

Check out the video below to see it in action: –

This system will not only find thousands of sites that you can post blog comments on, it will even make the posts for you, saving even more time and making the process truly ‘hands free’.

They even send you 200,000 ‘auto approve’ sites to use, split up into 10,000 site ‘chunks’ that are emailed to you twice a week, which means you can start straight away, no need to go harvest for yourself, although you can as soon as you need more… 😉