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The site I set up last week using this new automated article site script now has 8 pages indexed in google and has started earning money from AdSense, not a huge amount, but going on the results so far I would expect it to earn at least $6-10 next month, possibly more as more new pages get picked up.

Part of the beauty of this script is that you can feed it any number of PLR articles in one go and just let it get on with adding them automatically on the time scale you’ve chosen, every hour in my case.

I happen to have enough PLR articles sat on my hard disk gathering dust that I could put a lot in straight away to keep it going at an article every hour for the next few weeks. Once it gets up to 300+ articles I may well pull the posting back down a notch.

So far I’m more than happy with the results from this script, especially considering how little time and effort it took to get the first site up and running. It’s so quick and easy that I’ve made another 8 of them since…


The script is now available, but only as the “One Time Offer” for a new video course that’s just been released by Neil Shearing about building passive income streams.

It’s called Passive Cashflow Secrets and you can check it out here:

Passive Cashflow Secrets

I’ve got a copy of the course and watched the videos and it’s well worth getting your own copy, not just because it’s the only way you can get hold of the Auto Smart Site Script..

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