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Well my PLR software site is now in profit.

It made almost $90 profit in May and has made $105 so far in June, putting it roughly $57 in profit after 4 months.

Not that impresive, but I haven’t actually done anything with the site since April, and it should continue making $100+ a month at least from here on in, which will all be pure profit, so I’ll schedule some SEO link building for it next month to see if I can improve that figure with a little effort.

I’ve also just started a new PLR project, a parenting ebook.

Costs so far include $8 for the domain, $20 for the ebook itself, another $30 for some free reports to give away and some emails for an autoresponder sequence (all PLR material), and $100 for 20 good quality unique articles for promoting the site using ezinearticles, and $50 for some fresh graphics to re-brand the product and make it fresh and unique in appearance at least.
So roughly $208 in hard costs, plus around 6-7 hours to set up the whole thing, including the site, the autoresponders, download page and order facilities.

I’m using PayPal for the payment processor for the present simply to keep it quick and easy to set up, but if it proves profitable I may well move it over to clickbank to try and pick up some affiliates.

I’m going to leave it at that and see if the article submissions will axctually pull in enough quality hits to turn a profit on their own.

I’ll report back towards the end of July, or sooner if it takes off…

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