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My PLR software product has made some more sales this month and is well and truly in profit, although I’ve still done no extra work to promote it since the submissions I did to start off with.

I am considering doing some SEO links work for it soon, but for this month I have simply added an upsell for a related info product that I have Private Label Rights for, which has added 27% to the profits for the month and only took about an hour to set up.

I’m still leaving money on the table at the moment though as I haven’t set up an autoresponder list for either the prospects or the buyers, which would help to increase profits.

My Parenting PLR ebook has yet to make any sales, which is a little dissapointing, as it is getting traffic from the articles I’ve submitted for it.

I need to go back and look at it to see what changes I need to make to get this in to profit, but for the moment I’m a little short on time as I’m now working on a new product of my own.

I will post an update here when I’ve had chance to look in to this products lack lustre results.

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