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Back at the end of November last year I posted an article about protecting your webcopy from black hat sites scrapers.

I’ve now been testing this system for over 6 weeks on numerous sites and blogs of my own with great success, and we now have some other large site owners beta testing for us and it’s all looking very good.

In fact I was surprised by just how many attempts to scrape some of my sites there have been!

This tool also has the added advantage of being able to block unwanted spiders and bots (like the huge Chinese SE Baiduspider) from sucking your sites bandwidth…

CopyDefender is in the final stages of testing and we’re planning on launching the system publicly in March. There will be a fully functional free version, with a paid premium version for extra features, so if you want to get on the priority launch notice list simply visit CopyDefender and sign up there.

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Comment by Lord
2008-02-13 11:39:55

Is using RSS feeds to auto populate your blog considered scrapping. Is that the kind of thing that got your adsense account banned?

Comment by Lazygit
2008-02-13 12:53:49

One of AdSense accounts was closed for some very old “scraped” content sites that I had missed when I had a “tidy up” and got rid of most of the scraper generated sites, another was for using cloaking, and the remaining two were simply because I was the contact address for all four accounts, even though they were seperate legal entities/companies..

if that’s all the content you’re adding to your blog then it may well be a problem, it’s better to mix in some other content as well to make the posts more “unique”.

I don’t tend to use RSS blgo posters anymore having found a much better option (for WordPress blogs) with these guys: –

as well as providing a great article “unique” submissions service, they also have a free plugin that will automatically post “unique” articles to your blogs for you, nice and easy!


Comment by Matt Butts
2008-04-24 18:06:51

Excellent post. *stumbles*


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