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As I’ve just done a video to show how to add the RealTraffic exchange ads to your blog for my readers, I also had the chance to check my stats for RealTraffic Exchange and I’m very pleased with the results..

On most of my blogs I’m getting a CTR of over 1%, showing that the ads are relevant.

Now you may be thinking that this is not good, as it means people are clicking on those adverts and leaving my blog, well that’s true, but I look at it on the basis that those people would probably have left my blog anyway, so if I can provide them with something useful to go look at, then I’m helping them out and creating “good will”.

so “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me)?

Well every time someone does click on one of those ads I earn a credit in the RealTraffic system, and here’s the important bit, that credit is not just for my advery to be displayed on someone else’s blog, but for it to actually get clicked on, so the ad will be displayed on other blogs until all my credits have been used up on brining new visitors to my blog.

It’s obviously very important to make sure the advert you create for your blog is not only “attention grabbing”, but also “accurate”, in other words what is described in the advert is what the new visitor will see when they click on the advert, otherwise you will end up with un-targeted visitors, which is a total waste of their time and your credits.

Somake sure your ad takes the visitors to a page that is exactly what the advert says it’s about and you’re going to end up with the best traffic of all, highly targeted traffic.

I’m so happy with the results I’ve been getting so far that I’m actually going to try out paying for some extra credits to bring in more targeted visitors..

If you haven’t signed up and put the RealTraffic Exchange ads on your blog yet, I’d recommend you go and do so now, it’s free to sign up..

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