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Setting up Membership sites with WP

extrememebershipOne of the most powerful methods for building a succesful (and profitable) business online is to use membership sites that produce recurring commissions.

Building on your monthly income then becomes a simple matter of pushing new members in through the front doors and your income will go up and up, month after month.

Here’s three examples of how your income can stack up rather quickly when you’re building a recurring monthly membership income.

All three are based on just selling 1 new membership each day, avergaed at 30 per month.

The first is based on a recurring membership fee of $7 per month, the 2nd is $27 per month, and the 3rd is $47 per month.

I’ve personally launched membership sites at $67 per month and higher, so I know that this is entirely possible…

Example #1: $7 per month.


Example #2: $37 per month.


Example #3: $47 per month.


Note: I’ve not factored in the obvious loss of some members each month, but then getting more than just one new member a day shouldn’t be too difficult and easily sets off the monthly drop out.

As you can see the revenue from building membership sites becomes significant fairly quickly, it’s one of the most effective methods of building a solid, reliable, long term business online.

So why am I doing a blog post all about this?

Simple, I’ve got a friend who’s a dab hand at this kind of thing, he builds full membership sites for offline & online clients, he’s the ‘got to’ guy for a lot of marketers who use membership sites.

and I’m not just talking about how to get a membership site setup, he knows how to the whole shebang, from delivering content, to finding qualified traffic to push in the front door.

here’s a taste: –

~ How to keep members inside your site so they keep paying you over and over again
~ How to position your content to keep your customers happy increasing your brand value
~ How to setup your membership site to take the pain out of the technical side of things!
~ How to leverage your existing customers and kick start your membership site
~ How to DOMINATE ANY NICHE with a membership site!

and now he’s teaching it all, and all for just $7, if you’re quick…

here’s the link to use to check it out:  WP Memebership Sites ‘How To’ Guide

and here’s some feedback from people who Simon’s already worked with: –

“I met Simon Dodd at the right time. We were setting up a new membership site to make our monthly income more stable and predictable but we ran into a few technological issues we had no idea how to fix.

Luckily for us Simon fixed them and actually added other cool features that we didn’t even know existed for the same price and without even asking him.

He’s an overall badass guy. Really he’ll get the job done and better than you thought too.”

– Edys Velasquez

“Simon is a great person to work with and this is reflected in the fact that I have chosen to work with him in my contracted work as well as on personal projects.

He delivers information, such as advice, as well as technical expertise, such as deploying website enhancements, quickly and accurately.

It’s a pleasure working with him and I would recommend his services to anyone.”

– Ruth Pires

Here’s the link again: WP Memebership Sites ‘How To’ Guide

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