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Stop Bad Bots

spyderspankerYour bandwidth is being stolen, stop it now… [plugin]

Did you know there are countless bots visiting your website and sucking up all of your bandwidth?

Web bots are commonly known as spyders and crawlers which are scripts written for good and evil.

A good spider is one that indexes your site so it appears on search engines.

But a bad spyder will look for email addresses on your site to use for spamming, or it can suck down all of your precious content to be used a to create a “Flog” (Fake blog), and even help foreign hackers find ways to break in. .

Each time a spider accesses your website it hogs the server resources because it’s much more intensive than a human user, it will go through every page, graphic and file it can find on your site.

These unwanted visitors can account for gigabytes worth of wasted bandwidth, slow server speeds and surprise overage charges.

AND the slow down they cause in your site/page load times can not only irritate people, losing you precious visitors, it can also effect your ranking in Google, as they will penalize slow loading sites!

They can even get your website banned by your host for excessive bandwidth consumption!

As your site becomes larger and more successful this problem only gets bigger.

These nasty programs are known as spiders and they can be impossible to eliminate.

This problem is so prevalent that the majority of traffic coming to some websites is from spiders!

This is why Spyder Spanker was created.

This easy to use plugin was designed to offer website owners an array of different options for blocking bandwidth hogging spiders.

You now have the ability to choose exactly which spiders crawl your site and which ones are denied entry.

Not only can you block some of the major sources of unwanted bot traffic but you can even choose what error code to give them!

Note: no technical expertise required.

Spyder Spanker not only blocks them but bans them forever (at your discretion).

You get absolute control of every single bot that arrives at your website, or you can follow the suggested settings.

If you’re worried about bandwidth hogging bots and information stealing spiders then you need to check out Spyder Spanker PRO!

go check it out here: ~> Stop Bad Bots

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1 Comment

Comment by Robert Black
2013-06-08 10:01:49

Hey Matt, I bought your Blog Defender a few weeks ago, and thanks to that I’ve been able to secure my blogs. I get several emails a day informing me that an IP address (almost always in China) has been blocked due to unauthorised access. Before I got BD I wasn’t even aware of that. This plugin sounds like a logical follow on from BD and I’ll be happy to buy this through your link. Thanks for the heads up 😉


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