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Viral Ads

Viral Ads Blog Traffic Widget

Discover just how quick and easy it is to add a Viral Ad Widget to your blog for more free targeted traffic and visitors in this short video : 5.11 mins

You can see the widget working in the sidebar of this blog, it’s the big blue box.

the standard version of this system is free so grab it now and start getting extra visitors to your blog or website today!

Viral Ads Blog Widget

There is a paid upgrade for the system which ads a great feature to help build your email newsletter subscriber list, so check it out when you register for the free version

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With John Reese’s announcement that he’s closing down BlogRush yesterday, and Cody Moya recently redirecting his Link2Blogs site to one of his affiliate products, it looks like the only choice left for a decent traffic widget that is worth adding to your blog is the very same one that I tipped as the best back in March when I checked out all three traffic exchange blog widgets!

You can read the original testing results post I did here: –

Traffic Exchange Blog Widget

You can read more about why John has decided to close down BlogRush here: –


But the most important bit is if you haven’t already added the RealTrafficeXchange Widget from Jon Leger to your blog, then go get it done now: –

it’s been 7 months since my last post about blog traffic widgets and RealTrafficX is still getting me around 1% ctr across a range of blogs.

As I’ve just done a video to show how to add the RealTraffic exchange ads to your blog for my readers, I also had the chance to check my stats for RealTraffic Exchange and I’m very pleased with the results..

On most of my blogs I’m getting a CTR of over 1%, showing that the ads are relevant.

Now you may be thinking that this is not good, as it means people are clicking on those adverts and leaving my blog, well that’s true, but I look at it on the basis that those people would probably have left my blog anyway, so if I can provide them with something useful to go look at, then I’m helping them out and creating “good will”.

so “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me)?

well, it’s been long enough now and I’ve come to a decision on one of the traffic widgets that I’ve been testing..

I’ve just removed the Link2Blogs widget from my BlogTactics site as the results suggest it’s losing me far more traffic than it’s bringing in:

213 visitors sent to other blogs, and only 10 incoming visitors from Link2blogs.

I’ve replaced it with Jon Ledger’s Real Traffic Exchange to see how this fairs on the site, as I’ve been getting “Click Through Rates” (CTR) as high as 1.3% on other blogs that I’ve got this on.

RTE hasn’t actually sent me any visitors yet, but that’s simply because I hadn’t set up any “ads” for the system to display yet, as I wanted to build up some credits first..

I’ve now got a nice little credit balance with them, so I’ve just created an add for the system and I’ll report back here once I’ve got some results worth posting about..